Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.

A Special Holiday Greetings and a grateful Thank You to all our Valued Donors!

We couldn’t accomplish this life changing work without your help. You are truly Dream Makers to many Cambodians.
Giving Tuesday’s Boost was directed mainly towards our new Agroforestry Project.

A huge thanks to Paul Schreiber who donated $1,500 to plant many seeds and saplings. With additional smaller donations we start the project with over 1,100 fruit trees that cover 9 acres of small holder’s plots.

We hope to add one more acre before the end of the year.

Will you help us plant more trees
with your year end donation?
Pizza Extravaganza
A Special thanks to the small town of Salida, Colorado . The second annual Moonlight Pizza event organized by Carol Duster raised over $1,100 for education and even brought some additional much needed latrines and wells.
New Year Funding
The Forgotten International has generously funded THREE of our preschools for $6,000.
South East Asia (SEA) Foundation has committed to sponsor our teacher training course for TWO years ( $30,000) as well as to continue partly sponsoring our Breakfast Program ($7,500) and to add 20 more families to our Piglet Program ( $2,000).

We greatly appreciate Bastion Foundation for continuing to feed our children nutritious school breakfast by again completing the funding of our Breakfast Program with a donation of $9,000.

The US Embassy in Phnom Penh is also adding their support behind a very successful English teacher training pilot program with $5,200 for the upcoming year. 

In the New Year, Together We Can Change The World is continuing to fund the most urgent Student Dental Care with a $5,100 grant.

James Riley , a long time supporter, generously donated $3,000 to Education and Water works.

We were so excited to have Candace Sellers , the Chairman of SEA Foundation visit our projects in Cambodia. She was so happy to see the different projects to support and improve the quality of life of children and the community.
Candace Sellers
Amongst the visitors from around the world, December brought a group of Chinese students and teachers from Yew Chung International of Chongqing . It was an amazing experience of international students connecting to the real lives of their peers learning and living in the rural Cambodia. There will be dedicated fundraising and friendly collaboration in 2020.
Staff from Ibis hotel in Siem Reap came to visit our rural projects and were moved and impressed. They will help by sponsoring some upcoming education initiatives. We hope to reach out to more local hotels in the new year. 

Staff Education
Following in the footsteps of their colleagues two of our staff were accepted for The American Express Leadership Course in Singapore. This is a great opportunity to broaden their knowledge and experience. It was an added bonus for our two coordinators to travel for the first time outside of their native country.
Bunsrak Pan , Early Education Coordinator , and Uon Bou, Social Enterprise Coordinator , mingled with 40 other bright NGO colleagues from ASEAN Countries to discuss how they can improve quality of life in their home countries. They are the leaders of tomorrow and we are grateful for Amex to sponsor such an important learning and growing opportunity. 
Volunteer Interns
We bid a fond farewell to Larissa Ackermann, who has been working diligently on our Education program, even though she had to return early to Germany to take care of her sick mom. She was able to work remotely with our team and helped create the needed training activities and exams for our English program. 

Paul Thompson from Australia was able to pick up some of her duties on the ground before his return to Australia. Thanks to both for your dedication.

January will bring new inspired and inspiring volunteers to Cambodia.

May December find you healthy and happy surrounded by friends and family as you celebrate your holidays!
Ordinary people can do extraordinary things
to change lives, one child at a time.