Thanksgiving Issue 2017
Thanksgiving Menu 1904
Mansfield State Normal School
1904 thanksgiving menu
Our Menu Collection is ever growing and gives us a glimpse of businesses and events that have receded into the past. Most of the dishes on the menus are familiar, but each has at least one dish that is no longer common.
Thanks to Our Volunteers
Our Progress Depends on our Helpers. Our entire staff is made up of volunteer help.That includes our regular volunteer staff and board members as well as the work study students and interns from Mansfield University. Whatever needs to be done, they chip in and go to it. Thank you all volunteers.

We welcome all new helpers.
Deb on a ladder
Thanks to our Members
History Center Members and Donors make our work possible. They keep the heat and lights on. They pay for our programs. They support our very large genealogy/history website. They encourage us by their support. They permit us to expand and implement the programs that save our history and pass it on.
Home For The Holidays
We will be open Saturday Nov. 25 from 9:30 to 2 for the Home For The Holidays. We have BEAUTIFUL and WARM hand knit socks, hats and scarves for your holiday gift giving.
1918 World War One Menu
Company L
The Great War ended 11 November 1918. Thanksgiving 1918 had much to be thankful for.
2018 Membership Renewal
We look forward with great excitement to another year of developing our relatively new museum to show the world what a great place Mansfield is and has been for over 200 years. We hope that all of you who have been members in previous years will renew your support and that many more new members will join in this pursuit to save our heritage. For membership information, check our website at this page.
Hotel Smith 1929 Thanksgiving Menu
If you did not want to cook on Thanksgiving, you could dine in style at the Hotel Smith in Mansfield.

Later called The Mansfield Hotel, the building was razed in 1957 and replaced by the present Mansfield Inn on the same location.

All three of these menus include dishes that are still staples in our present-day Thanksgiving dinners. On the other hand, each also includes something that we no longer commonly use. I'm not so sure about those buttered onions. Hm?
1907 Thanksgiving
Parrot to Turkey:
I'd rather spend my life locked in this cage than put my head on the block.
Thanksgiving card 1907
The History Center on Main Street
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