Holiday News from HRAF!
Happy Holidays to All of You!
The Holidays are in full swing at HRAF in New Haven. We hope this season finds you well and in the company of friends, family, and good cheer. Get ready for an exciting New Year at HRAF! We have upcoming features that will allow researchers to save searches, notes, and more! We'll also be offering tons of opportunities to engage our collections through new teaching assignments, research tutorials, and enriching modules on cross-cultural research designed by Carol Ember.  
Image of Gratitude Blog Post at HRAF
Thanks...or no thanks?!

During the end-of-year "holiday season" throughout much of the Western world, we are often reminded to be grateful for the things that we have, and even to go out of our way to be gracious and thankful to those around us.  How do other societies view gratitude and gift-giving, and what patterns are there in gift-giving behaviors?  Learn More About Gratitude across the globe in this feature post by Dr. Fran Barone!
American Anthropology Association Annual Meeting Recap

Wow! The meeting sure was huge this year---a bundle of excitement, good food, and even better company at the Washington DC Marriott. It was great to see so many of you at the HRAF booth in the vendor section. HRAF President, Carol Ember, and I were pleased to introduce bundles of new Teaching eHRAF assignments and introduce HRAF research to students, anthropologists, and librarians galore. Thanks to those who stopped by! 
Adolescence: Cross-Culturally

Our newest module, "Adolescence," explores social similarities and differences in adolescence across numerous societies and world regions. Check out this new open-access publication which breaks down decades of anthropological research into adolescence, exploring what patterns in adolescence reveal about human diversity across time and space.

Ongoing Research into Natural Hazards

As part of our NSF-IBSS research grant on Natural Hazards and Culture Change, HRAF is now looking at the conjunction between natural hazards, supernatural beliefs and practices, and cooperation and property relations with some promising preliminary results. We'll have more on that soon!

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