St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
Stewardship e-newsletter June 2019
... for your love ... your generosity of spirit ... your commitment to our parish ... and your financial gifts which allow us to grow into all which God is asking of us to become.
Financial Snapshot
To check out our 2019 Budget, please, click here.

To view our Profit & Loss as of 5/31/19, please click here.

To view our Budget Versus Actual as of 5/31/19 please click here.
Finance Committee Update
The members of the Finance Committee are: Christina Luo (Senior Warden), Ken Dotson (Treasurer), Mother Barbara (ex-officio), John Boyle, Donna Harpster, Jean Shepherd.

Our Finance Committee met recently and reviewed our financial statements, made recommendations regarding policies and procedures going forward, and make a recommendation to the vestry regarding the compensation package of our church musician and our choral director.

Ken Dotson, our Treasurer and chair of the Finance Committee is instituting the practice of monthly vestry meetings, where regular review of our financial situation can occur as well as an opportunity to review and make recommendations regarding capital expenditures and to begin work on an internal audit process and budget for 2020.
In order to be good stewards of your generous offerings, we are reinstating and reinvigorating our Finance Committee.

We will be calling together members of our Stewardship Committee this month so we can thoughtfully and prayerfully plan a stewardship program that can educate, energize, and engage all of us in the joy of returning to God a portion of the gifts which we have been given. If you would like to participate in this ministry, please see Mother Barbara.
Quick Financial Facts
  • Our actual income is at 97.64 % of our budgeted income at the end of May.
  • Our pledge and offerings total to date is at 98.4%, so if you are not current with your contributions per your pledge, we'd love it if you could make that donation now!
  • Our total expenses are right on target at 100.1% of budgeted.
  • We had a positive balance for the month of May of $1295.00! Thank you for all you are doing to make this happen!
Our altar always looks so beautiful with flowers freshly arranged to bring beauty to our sanctuary and to be a part of our praise and worship of God. We thank all of you who make contributions to our flowers, either in thanksgiving, honor, or memory of someone. If you would still like to sign up to offer flowers on a particular Sunday, please locate the sign-up sheet in the Parish Life Center and choose a date. Bette Jo will then contact you to see how you would like your contribution offered.

Our parishioners donations for Altar and Easter flowers thus far this year has been $1,098.00.

Our expenses for flowers this year has been $479.52.

Thank you for your part in this ministry which brings beauty and joy into our worship life.
Each month we commit to send $75.00 to SPO (Shippensburg Produce Outreach) so the organization can purchase fresh eggs for their clients.

For the first five months of 2019, we have received parishioner donations which have exceeded our committed amount. Remember every penny we receive from parishioners to SPO will go directly to them~ and what a wonderful gift to be able to give them more than our committed amount.

Our commitment for Jan-May 2019 = $375.00

Our donations for January-May 2019 = $548.07

Thank you for your generosity which is helping to feed our hungry neighbors.
Stewardship of our resources --Buildings & Grounds repairs
Under the able leadership of our Buildings & Grounds Chairperson, Jane Offer, and in collaboration with our all-knowing and incredibly helpful Mike Stitt, the Buildings & Grounds Committee brought forth recommendations to the vestry at their recent June meeting.

The most important one is for the repair of the basement. There is damage due to water leakage in the basement area. The vestry approved the bid for the repair of this problem in the amount of $4500.00.

The vestry also approved the recommendation by the B&G Committee to adapt our current sanitizer machine in the kitchen to be a working dishwasher. For anyone who has washed dishes after a community meal or reception or Christmas dinner, you know how important this approval is to our well-being! The cost will be approximately $1400.00.
The funds for these repairs, and the recent repair of the slate roof ($1347.00) will be coming from the Continuing Maintenance Fund held by ECF (Episcopal Church Foundation) through our Diocese. The current balance of that fund i s $172,500.67.

The Buildings & Grounds Committee is awaiting a bid for the sidewalk repair and will then make a recommendation to the vestry when that has been received and reviewed.
Thank you ever so much!
To all those who have been weeding, planting, watering, deadheading, and mulching our flower beds .... thank you ever so much!!
We dedicated the piano and offered a prayer of thanksgiving in memory of Joan on the first Sunday it was in our sanctuary and the hearts of all of us were filled with love for Joan and for the goodness the world offers us through such generosity.
A beautiful and generous gift
This month the vestry approved, with joy and deep gratitude, the gift from Joan Applegate of her beautiful grand piano. Her children shared with Mo. Barbara how Joan had thought long and hard about who to give the piano to upon her death. This was one of her most treasured possessions. In the absence of a family member who was able to take it, she wanted the piano to be given to us, her parish family.  Joan's generosity has touched and deepened the heart of this parish in a profound way. As Brian Helman, our church musician, who of course knew Joan, prayerfully and joyfully plays it each Sunday, you can almost see and feel new life emerging in the way we engage with music.
Our Diocesan News
Walking Together in The Way of Love - Worship
We present the second episode in the Walking Together in the Way of Love podcast series now available on iTunes.

In this episode, Bishop Scanlan interviews the Rev. Ingrid Andersen of St. Lukes, Mt. Joy, PA and discusses the Way of Love and the practice of Worship.

To listen to the podcast, please click here.
The Diocesan AT Camino is here!
This week 30 members of the Diocese of Central PA will be hiking along the Appalachian Trail as part of a Diocesan-wide week-long hike, created to reflect the Camino de Santiago in Spain, right here in Central PA. Mother Barbara will be among the day hikers, testing out her recovered leg on the AT.

This is a great opportunity to get some good hiking in, find God in nature and community, and share in a real adventure.

Monday night, the hikers, led by our own bishop, will be spending the evening at St. Andrew's. We will provide them dinner, a hopefully-comfortable-enough floor for sleeping, and then a hearty breakfast in the morning before they hit the trail bright and early.

If you would like to contribute to the hospitality, warm welcome, dinner, or worship, please see Jane Offner or Mother Barbara. You are very welcome to come and join in the event.
To read a great news story about our bishop and diocese from ENS (Episcopal News Service), please click here.
Welcoming our newly ordained priest -
The Rev. Jim Robertson
Father Jim will be our Celebrant this Sunday and then will begin his service at St. Paul's in Bloomsburg as their Interim Rector in July.
Father Jim blessing his spouse as a newly ordained priest.
Jim's ordination was indeed a marvelous occasion, filled with joy and wonder!

Jim celebrated his first Eucharist at St. Andrew's this past Sunday and offered us blessings following the service. What a joy it has been to share this part of Jim's spiritual journey.
Preparing for Sunday- Proper 7
To read the lessons in advance, please click here.
Worship Ministers this Sunday
9 a.m.
Acolytes: Zachary Rhodes, Jonathan Luo, Julia Rhodes
Altar Guild: Christina Luo, Bill Gawors, Sue Davis, Samantha Davis
Assisting Priests: Mother Barbara and Mother Pat
Celebrant: The Rev. Jim Robertson
Coffee Hour: The Rhodes Family
Counters: Fred Detschel, Ken Dotson
Eucharistic Ministers: Kelly Rhodes, Jeanine Goodwin
Gospel Bearer: Joseph Luo
Greeters: Crystal Ashberry, Matt Ashberry
Lectors: Betsey Palmer, Ken Dotson
Preacher: Susan Sanders
Verger: Mike Rhodes

We are beginning to schedule the Worship Ministers for July through October. If you would like to be on the schedule for any liturgical role, please complete the attached form and return it by this weekend to Mother Barbara.

Once again, my heart is filled with gratitude for each one of you who offer yourself in service of God and our parish as a worship minister. This is holy and important work and always gives me a sense of the living and moving Body of Christ when we are all working together to create the space for God to be ever more present in our lives through worship. Thank you. Mother Barbara
Worship Committee Meeting
Scheduled for 6/30 at 10:30 a.m.
Our next Worship Committee will be on June 30th at 10:30 a.m. in the upstairs Parish Life Center. We will gather feedback on Holy Week and Easter Services, receive an update from the Search Committee for the Church Musician and Choral Director, plan for the balance of the services through the summer, brainstorm around our Welcome Back Liturgy in September, and discuss plans for an Instructed Eucharist and several Contemplative Eucharists in the fall.

The Worship Committee is made up of the following members: Rector, Assisting Clergy, Church Musician, Youth Choir/Instrumentalist Director, Vergers, Altar Guild Chairs, Flower Guild Chair, Parish Life Committee Chair, Children & Youth Representative, All meetings are open to all parishioners, though. We'd love your input!
With gratitude ....
for who you are and all you offer as we grow together in faith.
Many blessings, Mother Barbara
And just for fun ....
I thought you may enjoy this photo.

This, of course, is a lovely bear who came upon our patio, stole a hummingbird feeder (which is the red thing shown in his mouth) and decided to saunter away when s/he finally saw me -- when I was stopped in my tracks as I opened the door to step outside for a minute! Yikes!!