Congratulations, Marne!
Thanks Be To God For Marne!
An Important Message Regarding Our Staff
At Lord of Life!
We recently received word from our Administrative Assistant, Marne Luebbert, that a full-time opportunity has come her way. This week is Marne's last official week serving this position on our staff in this way.

Marne has been on staff here at Lord of Life since the fall of 2012, and we congratulate her on this new opportunity, and thank her, and we give thanks to God for her and her faithful service through the years.

Please join us this Sunday, October 31, in-person or via our live-stream efforts on Facebook as we take time to thank and recognize Marne.

Marne will continue to assist our ministry during this time of transition through a contract for service type of role, and we are grateful for her added support during this time.
As we celebrate and recognize Marne and her service, we encourage you to send her your words of appreciation, support, encouragement, and thanks as she moves into her new opportunity.

You can email Marne at:
We will always be grateful for the many ways God blessed our ministry with Marne through the years! We are grateful Marne will continue to be connected to our ministry, and we will forever pray God’s very best for Marne, her daughters, Iliana and Kiara, and her circle of loved ones!
Susan Bergquist, Council President 
Holly Pemble, Council Vice President
Genal Heinsen, Council Secretary
Crystal Hendrix, Council Member
Rachelle Gilbertson, Council Member
Dana Tran, Council Member