Share One, Inc. | October 2019
Contract Renewals for 2019
Share One's management and staff wish to recognize our latest contract renewals.

1. Desert Valleys Federal Credit Union , Ridgecrest, CA
Eric Bruen, President/CEO , Assets: $42M - Client since 2015

2. Sequoia Federal Credit Union , Redwood City, CA
Rochelle Kirchner, President/CEO , Assets: $34M - Client since 2015
NewSolutions Release 9.1.1 Upgrade Update
Share One began the rollout of NewSolutions Release 9.1.1, and, as of Thursday, October 17, fifty-five credit unions are live with the upgrade. We are currently on schedule for all credit unions to be live with 9.1.1 by the end of the month.

Additionally, the NSHome, NSJoin, and NSLoan modules should be upgraded sometime after the NewSolutions 9.1.1 upgrade is completed. Members will not see any changes to any platform.
Compliance: Synthetic Identity Fraud & Away with LIBOR
As we approach the 2019 holiday shopping season, consumers and financial institutions need to sharpen their "fraud alert" antenna. With 25 years of history, synthetic identity fraud is not a new contender and it continues to grow. "Frank on Fraud" offers a history HERE . The Federal Reserve's July 2019 Payments Fraud Insights focused on synthetic identity fraud. Read this white-paper HERE .

The Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) advised the industry that the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority intends to stop updating the London interbank offered rates (LIBOR) by the end of 2021. HERE is a basic understanding and rationale from the Alternative Reference Rates Committee. If your credit union is using LIBOR for rate indexes, an alternative source will need to be selected and added to Enterprise > Rate Indexes.
2020 CEO Roundtable Discussions - Save the Date
Mark your calendar and plan to attend the 2020 CEO Roundtables.

West Coast: Thursday, January 23, 2020, Long Beach, CA
East Coast: Tuesday, February 4, 2020, Atlanta, GA
Central: Thursday, February 6, 2020, Louisville, KY

Three face-to-face roundtable meetings are planned. Discussions include the many changes, advances, and strategies for the future of Share One and the process in which we serve our clients. Specific locations and details will follow.
Address Change Notification
Share One moved from the Thousand Oaks campus to the Forum complex on Kirby Parkway.

New Address:
1790 Kirby Parkway, Suite 200
Memphis, TN 38138

All phone numbers, extensions, and other points of contact will stay the same. Moving forward, please send any mail to the new Kirby Parkway address listed above.
Customer Portal Upgrade Scheduling
One of the many useful features of our new Customer Portal is Upgrade Scheduling. It allows you to schedule your Tuesday upgrades quickly from inside the Portal, complete with a calendar invite to remind you.

To schedule an upgrade, click the blue "Release Notes" button from the Portal's home page. Then click in the "Schedule a NewSolutions upgrade" field. The Calendar appears, where you can move to your desired Tuesday of your desired month.

For further documentation on Upgrade Scheduling, please CLICK HERE or reference the complete Customer Portal Help document linked on the top right of the Portal.
Release Notes
  • This release includes the Delphi 10 upgrade along with enhancements to Collections, Enterprise, Loan Origination, Reports, Standalone OFAC, Teller and Add-On Products.

  • This release includes enhancements to Suffix Details and Transfers.

  • This release introduces support for the facial recognition feature on Apple devices. With this feature, users are able to authenticate into their mobile banking account by using their iPhone's integrated facial recognition in lieu of a fingerprint reader.
  • A second major addition with this release is the update for the new Vertifi Image Processing (VIP) Libraries (version 7.5). These new libraries add more utility to rear endorsement validation and allows for customizable instructional graphics.
Disaster Recovery Test Schedule
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