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Greetings Brothers & Sisters In Christ,

Thank you for registering for Part 2 of the Sorghum Principles Series: A Spiritual Journey in Empowerment and Personal Growth

The Sorghum Principles Christian Series is a journey of Spiritual Empowerment and Personal Growth. It shares the incredible true story of the miraculous sorghum seeds to inspire individuals to embrace our Divinely-endowed gifts and to courageously accept the difficult challenges within our lives to not only survive, but to grow and produce a more bountiful harvest.
Weekly Class Discussion Structure
The Information Below Is a Skeleton Of How Each Week Will Be Structured
Review/Complete each step below before Sunday's Class

a. Review 12 Sorghum Principles:
b. Week 1: Principle of Purview
c. Review and analyze the Principle Statement
d. Empowerment=
a. Rights/Gifts
e. Personal Growth=
a. Fruits/Results
f. Read and Analyze the Key Scripture: Colossians 1:16-17 and John 19:11
g. Read "Somewhere in the World" Historical Article:
i. Respond to the Key Response Question
j. Go High
k. Dig Deep

Study To Prepare for Sunday's Class

The Principle of Purview

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