November 9, 2018
Pro Hops Vino!

Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham would like to thank Birmingham’s legal community and other community sponsors who made this year’s Pro Hops Vino! a huge success. Over 600 people attended the party! Funds raised will go directly toward expanding access to justice through pro bono legal work in our four program areas: Safe Finances, Safe Families, Safe Housing, and Serving Veterans.

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Attorneys needed
Help this client file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. She works as a child care provider but has accumulated unmanageable debt from student loans and credit cards.  I Can Help!
Help this client adopt her two-year-old and ten-year-old nephew. The children’s mother asked the client to take care of the children in March and never returned. The client does have legal custody. Client needs help with the adoption to be able to access social security benefits that will help her better care for the children. I Can Help!
Thank you Help Desk volunteers
Joe Bulgarella with his client at the Turning Point Docket
Turning Point Docket

Joe Bulgarella , Sarah Chamberlain (Starnes), Mary Pat Damrich (Starnes), and Matt Swerdlin .
Tommy Buck & Jennifer Stanley help a client at the Veterans Help Desk
Veterans Help Desk

Tommy Buck (Maynard), Judge Carroll , Rusty Dorr (Maynard), Mark Foley (Maynard), Lee Gilmer (White Arnold), Jim Goyer (Maynard), Glenn Mazer , Jennifer Stanley (Maynard), and Walter Williams (UAB Health Services Foundation).
Tom Francis at the Civil Help Desk
Civil Help Desk

Lula Cole , Drew Ellis , Tom Francis (Balch), Debra Lewis (Balch), Bernard Nomberg , Bill Prosch , and Rae Bolton (LSA).
Angeline Sperling helps her client at the Domestic Relations Help Desk
Domestic Relations Help Desk

Gail Andrews , April Bauder (Merrell Law Firm), Bob Dow (Maynard), Laura Gibson (White Arnold), Halley Gillis, Melinda Guillaume , Lorena Ibarra, Jodi Krayer , Susan McAlister , John Milledge , Rolando Rankin , and Angeline Sperling .
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