Thanks for coming to #NatCap2019!
Another successful year in the books! From everyone at the Natural Capital Project, sincere thanks to the attendees, presenters, and facilitators of the 2019 Natural Capital Symposium.

We always look forward to gathering leaders from around the world at Stanford University during the Symposium. Together, we can drive innovation and empower decisions informed by nature’s benefits to people.

This year, 400 people from academia, NGO’s, government, and private industry came from 30+ countries to work towards our shared goal of a more sustainable, livable planet. 
Building on years of collaboration, the Stockholm Resilience Centre officially joined the  Natural Capital Project   as a core partner in February. During #NatCap2019 we celebrated the new partnership!
Mary Ruckelshaus (Stanford), Garry Peterson (SRC), Amanda Wood (SRC), Jan Kuiper (SRC), and Gretchen Daily (Stanford) celebrate the partnership at the Symposium.
Stanford University Boething Lecture
All People, All In: Leading the Charge for a Livable Planet
Laura Huffman, Texas Regional Director of The Nature Conservancy
The "Poems about People and Nature" coffeehouse chat shined a light on a different side of our scientific work. Browse a selection of the poems on our wrap-up page.

There is so much questions than answer.
The more I find out, the less I know,
Yes the more I find out the less I know.
And I ask myself time and time again
Why there is so much questions among men 
What do we search?
How do we search?
How far must we research?

By Adeniran Akanni
Lagos, Nigeria
Adeniran Akanni singing his poem during Tuesday's poetry reading
Thank you for your continued interest in the Natural Capital Project. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at