Thank you to everyone who joined us for Observation Week!

If you were unable to attend, please read through the Observation Hand Out.

Observation Hand Out

We are working on many future items, and one of those is our 2024 Class Picture Days Schedule. Returning this year, we will continue to better accommodate our families that get sibling, friend, or parent/dancer photos. These are optional in addition to our group class photo and dancer individual photos. If interested, please fill out the below form by March 1st so we can fit in time slots for all those in need. This will help everyone be more organized!

Picture Days Sign Up (Sibling)

If you are in need of alterations please use the sign up below with Candice or Jesi! Spots are limited!!!

Alterations Sign Up - with Candice
Alterations Sign Up - with Jesi

Mid Season Report Cards

Report Cards are ready!

Use the parent portal to view.

To view report cards:

  1. Login to your parent portal
  2. Click on your student's hyperlinked name
  3. Click on the skills button at the top
  4. For each class you will click on "view skill details"
  5. From there you will click on the notes for each item

Parent Portal

We will post our closings on our CDA Facebook Page, CDA Parent Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, KLEM and KTIV.

Sign up for Central Dance Academy Cancelation Alerts

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CDA App: You will receive push notifications for any cancelations. Use the links above to download our app, if you have not done so already.

Note: CDA Policy is we allow two cancellations per class before a make up class will be scheduled. Make ups may be scheduled later in the year to ensure we don't cancel a make up day. Make up classes will not count towards student absences.

January Student Of The Month

Katelyn Koster

Katelyn was chosen as the February Student of the Month because she is energetic and confident in class. She also comes consistently and always has a great attitude. Katelyn has steadily improved her technique every year and her love for dance really shows!

Keep up the great work!

Reminder that students can not miss more that 4 classes between January and Show.

VIEW ATTENDANCE: You can view your student's attendance in the Parent Portal.

MAKE UP: Students can make up in another class at the same level or a similar level. Tech classes can also be taken as make up classes for students in Ballet, Jazz and Tap. If you have any questions about what class your student can take to make up the office or the teacher would be happy to help you.

*To review our full attendance policy our Parent and Student Handbook can be picked up at the studio, review in your parent portal, or in your email.*

Parent Portal
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February 3rd

Full Class Observation

Parents/Guardians are invited to come Observe the entire class.

February 12th-17th

Valentine's Week

Dancers can wear any Red, Pink, or Purple Attire to class in celebration of

Valentine's Day.

February 24th

Gehlen Dance Team Exhibition

Come support the Gehlen Dance Team, which includes some CDA Dancers. Also, additional CDA Dancers will be dancing.

February 25th

LCHS Dance Team Exhibition

Come support the LCHS Dance Team, which includes some CDA Dancers. Also, additional CDA Dancers will be dancing.

March 11th-16th

St. Patrick's Week

Dancers can wear any Green Attire to class in celebration of

St. Patrick's Day.


Spring Break

No Classes

April 15th-20th

Full Class Observation with Costumes

All students need to BRING their costume, do not wear to class. Alternations must be completed for teachers to review.

April 27th-April 28th

Class Picture Days at CDA

Dancers need full show hair, makeup, and costumes.

Closing Number

Dancers in Ballet II/III, Jazz II/III, Tap II/III, Ballet IV, Jazz IV, Tap IV, and Comp Teams Emerald, Ruby, & Diamond are invited to sign up to participate in the Closing Number in the 2024 Recital!

Sign up in the Parent Portal!

*Full details in class description*

Happy Birthday to Maia, Jaxten, Lylah, Norah, Piper, Isabella, Delanie, Charlotte, Lauren, Reese, and Aliyah this week!

Enjoy your day!

February 3rd - Maia Konz

February 3rd - Jaxten Richardson

February 4th - Lylah Hutchinson

February 4th - Norah Hutchinson

February 7th - Piper Langel

February 7th - Isabella Tardive

February 8th - Delanie Kneip

February 9th - Charlotte Erdmann

February 9th - Lauren Jenkins

February 9th - Reese Mescher

February 9th - Aliyah Peplinski

Costumes, Garment Bags,

Snaps, Tights

Many costumes have arrived. You will receive an email with alterations and costume care instructions. This can take us a bit to get each class out as we make appropriate adjustments for each class.

Please remember that costumes are not to be worn until picture day and performance days; only tried on for alterations.

Hang your dancers costumes in a safe dry place.

ALL alterations must be done prior to the final Observation Day in April.

Needing alterations?

Candice Kirkpatrick - 712.540.6422

Tights and Garment Bags

Many Tights and Garment Bags were handed out in November and December, we will continue to hand out these items to students in class.

These items must be paid for before they can be taken home.

Just a reminder if you have not ordered your tights or garment bag you can still do so!

For Sale: For your convenience one of our dance families is selling the clear snaps for costumes in sets of 2 snaps for $0.50.

Please text Jesi at 515-451-6299 to place an order. Payments will need to be made directly to Jesi NOT to Central Dance Academy.

Note: Please review how many snaps are needed for your dancer's costume.

Tights and Garment Bags

There is still time to order! Order your tights through the parent portal!

You can order garment bags through the parent portal or by emailing the office at [email protected]

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