Thanks for visiting our Church
Thanks so much for worshiping with us Sunday, your presence was really
a blessing to us .

We know that many times visitors are a bit uncomfortable when they first attend a  new Church, perhaps they don't know the "rules"( its ok...we really don't have any) , they might not know anyone or maybe they haven't ever been to a Church service before. If any of this sounds familiar, don't worry, we have all been there at one point in our life, you are welcome here and we want to welcome you!

  That's why we have created this little newsletter to hopefully answer some of your most common questions or  concerns  and to also provide you a few ways to keep in touch with us until your next visit. .. So, please sit back , relax and read on.
Everyone Belongs...and we mean Everyone!

The mission and ministries of First Christian Church are to share the Good News of Jesus Christ by being instruments of God’s unconditional love  and grace for all people.  We live and practice Jesus’ command to “love one another as you would love yourself.” 
Neither are we, not even close 
  As Christians  we know that  there is  no such thing as a perfect person and none of us at the Church claim to be.

Truth is, we're not even close.

We know that we all have sinned and have fallen  short in the eyes of the Lord. That's why God sent his one and only son Jesus, to live a perfect life and to die for our sins.

It's in Jesus  dying for our sins that  we are given forgiveness and  life.  We are forgiven by grace and by the incredible sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus . 

Don't worry, we wont
As Christians we know that  the only judge that matters is the Lord and that without  his love,  grace and mercy, we would all be found "guilty"

So, don't worry, there are no spiritual judges here.
Do I take Communion?
     Of Course

 The Lord’s Supper or "Communion" is celebrated each week in  worship. It is open to all who are followers of Jesus Christ. 

Celebrating communion marks the story of Jesus, how he gave Himself completely to give us a better life, a new start, and a fresh relationship with God ( 1 Peter 3:18 ). It’s not about a ritual to revere, but a person to worship. Jesus is less concerned about the method of celebrating communion and more concerned that we celebrate it.

During the later part of the service, one of our Deacons will serve you Communion, first the Bread and then the Cup. Please hold the sacrament  until we all partake together. 
Why come to Church?
Attending a Church service can enhance your life in many ways. Sometimes, just being around  other Christians provides a much needed spiritual lift. Other times, the message of the service might be  exactly what you needed to get your life back on track.

Whether  it's the  welcoming and loving  members of the Church extending a  hand to you  or if it's  the caring concern of our Pastors, these are all good reasons to attend a church service.

We always remember however that the number one  reason for attending a Church service  is to worship the Lord. 

Please worship the Lord with us anytime

Learn more about us, how we started, what we believe and more
Good Question , right?
    Below are some links that will  help you  to learn more about us,keep in touch with us , visit our website and get in touch with our pastors. 

Thanks  again for visiting with us to worship the Lord, we are looking forward to seeing you  again real soon.