Thanks so much for registering for our 1:00 online meetup on the 19th to discuss difficult times and difficult tenants.
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We’ll have no shortage of topics to discuss. Aside from the traditional nonpayment of rent cases that have been on the uptick during the deepest recession in recent memory, we will address the vexing problem of unauthorized subletting and the swapping of transitory occupants and roommates. Property owners can regain control of their units.

Also on tap is a discussion on how to handle “runaway” tenants who break the lease by leaving the premises hastily to seek greener pastures during the pandemic, as well as how landlords can respond to instances of nuisances perpetrated in and around the rental unit.

When a tenant interferes with the quiet enjoyment of neighboring residents or creates damage, this might present a good opportunity to enter into a leveraged discussion about a tenant buyout agreement, another barn burner topic we'll cover.

We look forward to a riveting conversation and should you have any questions or pressing legal concerns in the intern, certainly reach out to our offices. 

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Are you up to speed on the new landlording rules and tenant protections ushered in by the COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act of 2020? 
We’ve covered the legislation in an extensive webinar, put together a white paper you can download, and provide answers to frequently asked questions here. 
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