In this October newsletter we are thrilled to announce that our newest product has achieved first place in the annual Hearing Technology Innovator Awards™! Behear SMARTO, a simple to operate body-worn personal sound amplifier (currently in pre-production) placed first in the Personal Listening Device (Wearable category) thanks to votes from our loyal followers. We appreciate this very much!

As a Behear subscriber we invite you to pre-order SMARTO today at a big discount to ensure that you'll get a unit from the first batch.

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  • What the latest news about OTC (Over The Counter) hearing aids means for you
  • "Money well spent" - a customer describes his favorite Behear feature
  • First webinar introducing SMARTO : Nov 11, 2021 04:00 PM Pacific Time
  • Returning to Las Vegas for CES - won't you join us?

Getting recognition for your efforts is a big part of the satisfaction you feel when completing a task, wouldn't you agree? In our case, it also means that more people who could benefit from our assistive listening solutions become aware that they exist. We thank you for your continued support, and would love to hear how Behear products have impacted your life.

Best wishes,

Team Behear at Alango Technologies

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What does the latest news about OTC mean?

Last week the FDA finally released its proposed regulations about over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids. The OTC devices are intended to help adults who experience mild-to-moderate hearing loss and who would prefer a less expensive, more accessible way to hear better than with the traditional method of repeat visits to hearing specialists for testing and fitting.

The guidelines, which are open for public comment for the next 3 months, will allow more companies like ours to reach adults whose hearing is challenged in specific situations (e.g., understanding speech in noisy places, while watching TV, during cell phone calls, etc.). It will reduce the cost substantially and enable people to take charge of their own hearing by deciding where to purchase hearing solutions, and how and when to personalize them.

The safety and effectiveness guidelines detailed in the proposal have already been met by the entire Behear line.

Bottom line: this news is a concrete step in removing the barriers to hearing health for the millions of people worldwide who have untreated hearing loss. Questions?

"I believe in the product so much that I emailed all of my friends and recommended it to them"

Robert W. from North Carolina had trouble understanding what was being said in many situations:

  • at the movie theater
  • while watching TV
  • in crowds and in areas with background noise

After finding Behear he wrote to tell us about his experience:

"I am glad to say that it was money well spent as I can now hear what is being said in all of the circumstances that were giving me extreme problems before."


Meet SMARTO in HLAA Webinar

The Hearing Loss Association of America North Bay of California Chapter (HLAA-NB) has invited us to introduce the Behear SMARTO hand-held hearing amplifier to their members in a Zoom video call, scheduled for Thursday, November 11, 2021 at 4:00pm Pacific Time.

You are welcome to join us, and take part in the Q&A session that will follow the half-hour presentation.

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Heading back to Las Vegas for CES

After a one-year hiatus due to COVID-19 we are excited to return to the world's largest consumer electronics trade show, taking place January 5-8.

Stop by our booth #8462 in the LVCC North Hall (Tech East) to experience the listening enhancement technologies in our Behear line first-hand, and discuss the latest trends in consumer electronics audio with our CEO and other Alango senior staff.

Would you like to join us? Register by Dec. 8 using code DS000462 for free admission.

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