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Meet Tyler

Tyler is an energetic and sweet young man who would like an active family with pets or a few brothers.

He loves to be outside where he can swim, ride his bike, shoot some hoops or jump on the trampoline.

Tyler is on a basketball team and will play any position because he just likes to be in the game and run around with his friends.

Besides spending time outside and playing sports, Tyler also enjoys video games and superheroes. He likes to play with his Power Ranger action figures or pretend he is SpiderMan and save the world. On rainy days, he keeps up with his favorite superheroes by reading books and comics.

Tyler is not always all fun-and-games. He also does very well in school. He enjoys learning and his favorite subjects are social studies and science.

Tyler would love to have a family that will help him with his homework when he gets home from school. He would do well with a family that enjoys outdoor activities and one that can give him love and support.

Teens in foster care

If you know a teenager who's in foster care, was previously in care or has aged out, please let them know they're welcome to join Hamilton County's Youth Advisory Board.
The YAB works to help make foster care better for kids.

If you know someone who's interested, please contact Orville McDonald at the Higher Education Mentoring Initiative (HEMI) - Orville.McDonald@uc.edu.

We're so proud of our Fullerton Hornet

You might have seen our recent Facebook post about Evontay Oats, one of our 2017 high school grads, who was heading out to California to enroll in Fullerton College.

Well, he's all set out there and practicing with the football team. Evontay got himself noticed by the school after posting videos on social media of himself playing high school ball.

He and his CHOICES worker, Patrick Beiting, headed to California on Aug. 6 and spent a few days getting Evontay ready for school. He has experienced several firsts out on the West Coast already - he ate fish for the first time and loved it, and he got to see the ocean.

"I am very confident he will be doing great things," Beiting said. "He is so motivated to do great."

And typical of kids who leave home for college, he is ready for care packages. Thank you to the many who already have volunteered to send things. CHOICES is collecting items for him, with plans to send boxes quarterly. 

If you want to help, contact Ashley Pester - apester@choicesfostercare.com.

And just in case you're wondering, here's a list of things Evontay wouldn't mind finding in a care package: Hot Grippos; protein bars and shakes; strawberry Muscle Milk; Cinnamon Toast Crunch; Gatorade;  granola bars; Little Debbie cakes (not chocolate); oatmeal cream pies; candy; Doritos and Ruffles; Flamin'  Hot Cheetos, fruit roll-ups; Rice Krispies; air freshener; hand soap; and a reusable water bottle.

Help us share our #SiblingSaturday posts

We have put a lot of new sibling sets on hckids.org recently. These are kids who need permanent families. 
So to bring extra attention to the increasing need for adoptive families for sibling groups, we are highlighting our sibling sets each week on social media.

Please look for our #SiblingSaturday posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and share.  

We appreciate your generosity, undies

Thanks to everyone who donated underwear for our Everyone Needs Undies drive.

Your donations will help us be able to give some kids in foster care new underwear.

Children's Services levy put on fall ballot

Hamilton County's Board of County Commissioners voted to place a 1.98-mill levy to support Children's Services on the November ballot. This additional levy will run for three years and is intended to support the 2016 levy.

An outside consultant and the Hamilton County Tax Levy Review Committee conducted a review earlier this year and determined our agency needed additional funding to serve the increasing needs of Hamilton County's families and children. 

We appreciate the work of the outside consultant, the Tax Levy Review Committee and the Board of County Commissioners in assessing the needs of those we serve. More importantly, we appreciate the work of our staff in helping our families. Those who evaluated our program noted that we have not only experienced increasing numbers, but that those children and families have experienced higher levels of trauma. 

The levy decision is now in the hands of November's voters. We will adjust to their decision, but, regardless of outcome, our goal will remain the same: supporting and strengthening our community's families.