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Theia's SL940 for LPR

Theia Technologies' SL940  telephoto lens can be a cost effective solution for License Plate Recognition (LPR).  With the SL940 lens at 40mm focal length you can get 45 pix/ft. at approx. 290 ft. away when using a HD 1080p resolution camera.   


And the 5 megapixel lens is IR corrected so there is very little focus shift with nighttime usage.  See example images in both lighting conditions on our website.  The lens is available in Manual, DC Auto and P-iris versions. 

Find detailed specifications here, or contact us at to learn more. 

Theia P-iris Lens Availability
Two camera companies are planning to release  cameras or camera firmware SL940P  
upgrades to allow use of Theia's new SL940P P-iris lens.  Watch for announcements in the coming weeks about when this lens will be available and with which cameras.
The P-iris, or Precise iris, provides more precise iris control which enables greater depth of field, heightened contrast, improved  image sharpness and clarity, and helps to optimize megapixel camera images.  Learn more about this lens here.
Calculate, then Evaluate!
Do you have enough resolution to recognize a face or read a license plate?  Theia Technologies' Image Resolution Calculator is a great tool to help you quickly understand if your selected equipment will give you enough image resolutoin to meet the needs of your application.  The calculator is available for free on our website, or App' versions for iPhone and Droid are also available for purchase. 
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Once you have used our calculator to determine which lens should work in your application, you may try a Theia lens for a 30, 60 or 90 day evaluation.  This is a great way to verify that our lens technology is right for your application. Email us at to find out how to get an evaluation sample today.

Info about Theia Lenses

If you dropped by our booth at ISC West, but didn't pick up any literature, you can download a brochure on Theia's patented Linear Optical Technology� or our lens catalog at these links. Or visit our website for detailed specifications on our SY125, SY110, SL183 and SL940 lenses.

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Camera Companies 

offer Theia lenses

The list of camera companies offering Theia lenses is always growing, and includes these major brands:





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