Terydon would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth at the WJTA-IMCA Expo in New Orleans. We were impressed by the number of visitors and the interest in our technology which we passionately develop and promote. 

We also wanted to thank the attendees of the Boot Camp we hosted, The Productivity of Tube Bundle Cleaning Through Automation. Due to the amount of requests for copies of the Presentation, we will be making a condensed version available with the verbal content that was included in the Boot Camp.

We are always at your disposal, so feel free to contact us here with any questions you have!

When cleaning a tube bundle hands-free in a confined entry evaporator, there are many common issues that arise: the inability to clean the tubes closest to the wall, the continuous rearrangement of the indexer in order to clean tubes it cannot reach, inadequate lighting which creates limited visibility for the operator to locate from tube to tube.

With the Terydon STI-HD-3A Smart Indexer, these issues are no longer a concern. This indexer--made specifically for confined entry cleaning--allows:

- the operator to accurately navigate from tube to tube with Smart Indexing, overcoming the limited visibility through the man-way and therefore increasing the operator's production

- tubes closest to the wall to be cleaned due to the the specific alignment of the indexer's nose pieces

- the entire tube bundle to be 100% cleaned with only one realignment of the indexer from its original position.

See for yourself in the video here!

For more information on this Confined Entry Indexer, click here.