Download the Romanian Friends of Alianta Sign-up Form Here
Thank-you for your interest in the Romanian 'Friends of Alianta' event!

We had a wonderful turnout and spirit at the 'Biutiful' terrace last week. I'm writing to invite you to sign up as a supporter to this new Romanian non-profit, sister-organization of Alianta (US), to promote strong US-Romanian relations in Business, Security and Culture.

See the Link to the Sign-up Form .

This initiative can be important for Romania, America, and its members. My Alianta colleagues and I appreciate your support.

-- Jim
Board Chair, Alianta
Fast facts: Romanian Friends of Alianta
For some time, we’ve wanted to make it easier for individuals and companies in Romania to get involved, and to grow our network of leaders who want to see a stronger relationship between the U.S. and Romania, with more networking for Romanians and Romania supporters wherever the location.

Romanian Friends of Alianța will organize networking and business events in Romania, about 3-4 times a year, to which members will have access. Now, if you’re based in Romania, all donations and sponsorships will be tax and VAT- deductible, in accordance with Romanian law concerning non-profit entities.
Reach out to Alianta volunteers in Bucharest for more information
Alianta Board Chair Jim Rosapepe (left), along with board members Radu Georgescu (2nd from left) and Chang Oh Turkmani were on hand at the 'Biutiful' terrace in Bucharest July 3, welcoming some 80 guests. Also on hand were all three of our Gala Vice-Chairs, Wajia Haris (center-right), Dana Tolici (second from right) and Alex Vasilescu. Co-founders of the association included Georgiana Toader (right), and Marcel Vulpoi of VTM, Radu Florescu of Centrade-Chiel (center left), and Radu Georgescu of Gecad Ventures.

Georgiana Toader -; Marcel Vulpoi -
Dana Tolici -; Wajiha Haris -
Alex Vasilescu -; Bill Avery -

Str. Dr. Iacob Felix 87, Sector 1, Bucharest TEL: 021/650.00.71-74

Note: Friends of Alianta is a non-profit association under incorporation in accordance with the provisions of the Law 26/2000.
Your contribution shall be treated as sponsorship and thus tax deductible as provided by the Sponsorship law no 32/1994 and by the Tax code provision of article 25 at the minimum level between 0.5% of the turnover and 20% corporate tax. Also, you may consider additional contribution as an allocation from your employee’s annual income between 2.5% and 3.5% as per the article 82 of the Tax Code.
Business, Security, Cultural Roundtables on October 4 at the Romanian Embassy
As in 2018, we’ll also be offering Business, Security and Cultural Roundtables, on the following day, October 4, which will add to your opportunities to network with other professionals and lean into all the activities Alianta has undertaken. Romanian tech pioneer Radu Georgescu (left) of Gecad Ventures has confirmed as one of the Moderators of the Tech Bridge Event. Many other leading figures from the Romanian tech communty are invited, along with US-based tech experts, VC's and angel investors.
The Roundtables will start with a Security Roundtable panel, moderated by Russian and International Security expert Steve Blank, (left) Senior Fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council. He has published over 900 articles and monographs on Soviet/Russian, U.S., Asian, and European military and foreign policies, and testified before Congress on Russia, China, and Asia.

The Roundtable session will conclude with a C ultural & Community Roundtable, highlighting successful projects in the Romanian American Community in 2019; Financing Community Projects in America and Romania; and Projects and organizations looking for volunteers and involvement.

The day will be capped off with a late afternoon cocktail reception hosted by the Embassy. Link to Gala Registration page