August 12, 2016
Thanks For Visiting

Thru and section hikers pose with PNTA ED Jeff Kish at Oroville Trail Days event
A quick note from the Association to thank everyone who stopped by the Pacific Northwest Trail Association table at Oroville City Park last Saturday for the North Okanogan Chapter Trail Days event.  Great seeing each of you.

How We Got Here...
PNTA's Kameron and Forest on the Colville National Forest

It takes a lot of work to create and maintain trails. 1200 miles of trail, give or take, with some bushwhack and too much road, or 1900 kilometers if you are a wonderful adventurer from outside the United States - that's a lot of trail.  And there are connector trails to consider and the annual maintenance needs compounded by the extreme fires of the past two years.  See the effort it took to clear Parker's Ridge in Idaho this summer in this YouTube video
Join the Association or Donate
In Oroville, the Association (PNTA) was doing public outreach. We were honored to receive a donation from the local North Okanogan chapter at the event.  If you'd like to join the Association,  join online now.  The Pacific Northwest Trail Association appreciates your every donation.

Thank you.
If you've got photos or stories that you'd like to share with the Pacific Northwest Trail Association community, contact to be featured in the next addition of the newsletter.