With great respect in our hearts, let's give our thanks to all the great soldiers who make our land free. On this Fourth of July, remember f reedom is something that money can't buy... and most honorable of all are the ones who defend it. So on this 4th of July please say thanks to those who have and currently stand in service to America!

Thank you! From all of us at Special Kids Special Families.


  " Anyone involved in the Colorado Springs Arts scene knows Kat Tudor!
She and her husband Bob have made numerous contributions to the arts locally, including their latest project, Marmalade at Smokebrush." *

Earlier this month, at our Adult Services program, we had a friendly visit from Bob Tudor.  We had the great pleasure of being entertained by his "one-man band" performance. Everyone enjoyed watching the musician's talent while dancing to the music.  Bob's wife, Kat Tudor, volunteers regularly at our Adult Services facility teaching yoga to our program participants.  We are grateful to both Bob and Kat for their generosity and giving of their time and talents.

"In ICAN, we give our participants the opportunity to get out in the community and integrate fully in volunteer and community service activities with different businesses in our area.  This helps our adult participants gain useful life skills and become more independent in their daily lives." Joni Edmisten, ICAN Program Coordinator.

Over the past few months, program participants have been to the Fort Carson museum, Brass Pro Shops, Imagination Celebration and Starsmore Discovery Center. Our adults have also volunteered at many different organizations such as Springs Rescue Mission, The Arc Pikes Peak, Crossfire Ministries, Humane Society and Sunnyside Church. 
We are continuing  to look for different places to volunteer in our area.  If you have a suggestion or would like for our group to volunteer at your business or organization, please contact Joni at 719-634-4675.

Above photo: crew from KXRM Fox 21.   Pictured L-R; Sarah Ferguson, Amber Hope, Jeff Womack, Brian Buck, Linda Ellegard, Paula Buck, Marcus Jones, Keijalah Crawford, Katrina Crawford and Tiffany Tran-Ozura.
KXRM FOX 21 volunteers celebrated their Founder's Day, the 21st birthday of their corporate owner Nexstar, by sending a crew out to SKSF Admin offices at 424 W Pikes Peak Avenue.  Volunteers worked hard painting the wheelchair ramp, porches, shed and fence, including hanging new mini blinds in offices, washed windows and trimmed trees. They cleaned the debris from the front yard, driveway and cleaned the parking lot. What a fantastic group of people!  Thank you so much for your generosity to volunteer and improve our facilities.
Volunteer group from College Wesleyan Church 

A large group from the College Wesleyan Church came all the way from St. Marion, Indiana!  We had 66 volunteers (split between Zach's Place, Joey's Place and ICAN).  The group cleaned windows, walls, kitchen areas, baseboards, bathroom and doors throughout the Adult Services facility.  They weeded the gardens, cleaned the outside of the building and the buses. Volunteers  played games with the adult program participants and had  a big dance party. Everyone loved this opportunity and had a great time.

Some of the personal comments from the group:

"Today was an amazing experience.  Watching the pure joy of the adults warmed my heart.  I also have gained so much respect for the workers here, their patience and love amazed me...."
Noah Shigley
"They light up the room and show people love in simple conversation.  I haven't had a whole lot of experience with people with disabilities, but now I know how fun and impacting it can be!" Aynsley Vermilya
"Today has been an amazing opportunity for me.  The size of the clients' hearts are unbelievable.  Getting to learn about their lives and talking with them meant so much.  Saying we impacted them isn't anywhere near as much as they impacted us.  To me, these people are some of the most special people in the world.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience. "
Makayla Kujawa
What a great group of young men and women with unending compassion and spirit!!  Thank you! 

Robert Raabe- Maez
Rob helped out at the Admin offices
and at Adult Services, Joey's Place.
Rob put in 50 hours volunteering!

Brandon Roy
Brandon helped at the front desk
including  cleaning gutters and yard work.
Brandon put in 48 hours volunteering!
Through volunteer hours Robert Raabe-Maez and Brandon Roy saved 98 staff hours by manning the front desk, heating lunches for clients, maintenance on the buildings, cleaning of the facilities and grounds, scanning, filing and performing administrative duties and assisting the mentors with client tasks. Also, Dona Bear saved the staff 28 hours by greeting the clients on their morning arrival.  Thanks so much to our hard working volunteers!  

If you are interested in volunteering with SKSF, contact Theresa at tjordan@sksfcolorado.org or call us at 719-447-8983.


KXRM FOX 21 staff has been donating items to a collection box in their office for the different programs at SKSF. Their crew donated toys and books to the Zach's Place program.  They also collected cleaning supplies and personal products to donate to the SKSF Adult Services program. 

Pictured - Fox21, Amber Hope, dropping of box and checks totaling $100 to help support our programs for individuals with disabilities and their families!

Check out the FOX21 video below re: giving back to the community...

Check out the radio interview with Executive Director, Linda Ellegard from THE NETWORKING DIVA HOUR hosted by Janiece Carlson

Thanks Janiece for the opportunity to help us spread the
word about our valuable programs SKSF provides to the community!

Thanks to everyone at Bob Penkhus Motors for the donation of  $1,000! 
SKSF operates seven wheelchair accessible buses in order to provide inclusion in our community that so many individuals with disabilities long for.  These funds will be used to help maintain our buses - to purchase parts, fuel, tires, and maintenance.  The funds we receive from government funding simply doesn't cover these costs.  Most of the people we serve in our day program wouldn't be able to attend because they live outside the city bus lines (Metro mobility).  Thank you for your generosity!
The Penkhus Motor Company that you see today had its humble beginning back in 1951 when  Robert N. Penkhus moved his young family from Ames, Iowa, and opened a small  used car operation in Colorado Springs....

As a result of commitment to excellence, Bob Penkhus Mazda is the Number 1 volume dealer in the Gulf region.  Based on customer satisfaction levels, Bob Penkhus Motor Company has been recognized as a Volvo Dealer of Excellence and has been inducted into the Mazda Presidents Club.  Read more...

We'd like to acknowledge the following sponsors for their support
NuStar Energy |  Academy Bank |  RPS Healthcare |  Warren Management
Moody Insurance | Colorado Automotive Restoration Services

                John Butts                                 Mark Schaefer                       Kathy Ciano-McGee

Trisha Purdy
Residential Home Supervisor
Host Home Department
Lachelle Montgomery
Adult Mentor
Joey's Place Program
Pam Walsh
Finance Department

Stephanie Bance
Adult Mentor
Joey's Place Program

Stephanie Sly
Residential Home Supervisor Host Home Department

Kelsey Horn is working temporarily part time at the front desk at the SKSF Administration offices through July.  Kelsey answers phones, greets visitors, and helps a great deal in scanning documents.  Kelsey is the daughter of Aaron Horn, Managing Director or Colorado Springs Commercial, LLC who is an active volunteer and contributor to SKSF.  Kelsey graduated in May from Liberty High School and she will be attending college in Greeley Colorado in the fall. 

We appreciate Kelsey's contribution to our organization and wish her well in her future endeavors.  Best of luck!

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