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Boston AREIA was founded in 2007 to give opportunities, education, networking and motivation to everyone regardless of their background or situation. Our mission is to give you opportunities as well as the tools and support needed to take action. 

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Thanks to Sheila, I have a gift for all members of Boston AREIA who comes to see Peter McLoughlin on 4/18!

Bernadette Headshot I was meeting with Sheila Farragher-Gemma the other day.  She used to run Foreclosures MA.  She said, "You know I have a bunch of relevant short sale/foreclosure education that we used to sell at our meetings.  If you want them, you can have them to hand out to your members." I'm always looking for benefits and giveaways that I can hand my members.  All the information is relevant and can help you in your real estate investments.  I guess that just shows you the Power of Who (my favorite new book).  Have you become a member yet?  Now's the time.  I have no idea how long the supplies will last.  So, Become a Member of Boston AREIA today!  


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April 2oth - Kris Whitehead with Think To Succeed will spend a full day helping you break through the knowing and doing gap.  You know that gap...You KNOW what to do; but, for some reason you aren't DOING it!
Check out this what Kris has to say about this event   CLICK HERE

 How to make a deal out of any situation

Monthly meeting April 18 with Peter McLoughlin

Peter M Peter McLoughlin of Boston Property Development

Peter will discuss the local real estate market & lending conditions!


What You'll Learn:

� What your "value-added" propositions are, and what they are worth in the overall context of a real estate development opportunity

� Deal structuring based a person's "value-add"

� Capitalize Rate and Return on Investment

� Residential repositioning : what is it, how to do it and real life examples


Mr. McLoughlin specializes in acquiring under-utilized real estate assets and unlocking its value by developing the property to its optimal use. In the early to mid-2000s, Peter's business activities were primarily focused on redeveloping multi-family buildings for sale as condominiums. Over this period, Mr. McLoughlin converted 23 buildings into 76 condominium units generating over $34 million in sales revenue.

Beginning in 2005, Peter adjusted his strategy and began focusing on retail and residential rental properties. Peter acquired over $40 million in properties consisting of 32 commercial units and 129 residential units. Peter leveraged his core competencies in financial analysis, zoning code analysis, construction management and property repositioning to maximize the net operating income of his rental portfolio.  In today's upward trending market, Peter is purchasing a balanced combination of condominium conversion and rental properties in the Greater Boston area.


Monthly Meeting
5:30 pm Networking
6:30 pm, Meeting

Thursday, April 18, 2013
Crowne Plaza, 320 Washington Street, Newton, MA
Free for members; $25 for non-members
validated parking


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