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A Better Life for Animals in Peshawar,
Thanks to Brooke USA Donors
In the brick kilns of Peshawar, Pakistan, animals work for up to 14 hours a day, with nowhere to rest, no shelter from the sun, and not enough to drink.

Brooke worked with the kiln owners and the animal owners to help them understand what the animals needed, and that by helping the animals they would also be helping themselves. So everyone worked together to build two new sheds. Before long, the equines moved into airy sheds with a space reserved for feeding and a supply of water. Word soon spread and similar sheds sprang up at 16 nearby kilns.

Today, almost every kiln the area has new shelters and the working equines  now have shade and water! 
Help us do the same thing for hundreds of overworked horses, donkeys, and mules in Ethiopia.

Through our "Free The Donkeys - Give Them Shade!" campaign this summer, y
ou'll help Brooke USA fund the construction of two very large shade shelters and water points for working equines at two market areas, which will reduce suffering, lower the mortality rates of the animals, and help their owners by keeping their working partners healthy. 
Ramon Dominguez, Newest Brooke USA Ambassador
We're very pleased to announce that champion and Hall of Fame jockey Ramon Dominguez has joined Brooke USA as our newest official ambassador, and the first (and only) ambassador that we have in the Thoroughbred industry.

Read the interview and you'll see why we're so happy to have Ramon on board, helping us to improve the lives of horses, donkeys, mules, and the people who depend on them in some of the world's poorest countries.!ding

Brooke veterinarians in Pakistan and other countries where Brooke works not only provide treatment for injured animals, like this mare, they also teach owners how to prevent the problems from occurring to begin with.  
Brooke USA is funding the work of farriers in the countries where Brooke has a presence to improve their skills. Over the course of five days, Brooke trained a group of Brooke farriers in Lahore, Pakistan. Now they're passing on their knowledge to street farriers across the country!
Kinder Owners in Kenya
Brooke has helped to transform the way owners treat their animals in a community in Kenya.

Whipping with painful rubber whips used to be commonplace as a way for owners to drive and handle their animals.  Today, it's almost unheard of. Now drivers use soft sisal whips as guides rather than a means of punishment.

Brooke spread animal welfare messages through the media and worked with owners and local organizations to raise awareness. At the same time, Brooke liaised with the police and legal system to make sure animals protection laws were observed.  

Today rubber whips are virtually extinct in the Mwea area!
Ony $18,000 More to Go!
We're getting close to our goal of $98,000 to build shade shelters and water points in Ethiopia. Please help us get this important project fully funded. Together we will reduce suffering and lower mortality among working horses, donkeys, and mules in two large market areas.

Animals such as cattle, goats, sheep, and pigs have long been recognized as valuable livestock in the developing world. But working equines have been ignored in most government livestock policies.

Brooke played an important role in getting horses, donkeys, and mules recognized as "livestock" by the United Nations. This means that working equines will be formally acknowledged, and will lead to ways of improving the health and well being of these animals and their owners. It will also strengthen Brooke's case to include equines in policies and laws when working with other governments. 
Update on Hydroponic Fodder for Equines 
Several weeks ago, we told you about an innovative project that Brooke was funding in a community in India, teaching and equipping equine owners in hydroponics to grow/provide green fodder in their homes for their working equines.
The early findings so far have been very encouraging, including: 
  1. A considerable reduction in the number of cases of colic and diarrhea from 43% to 17%.
  2. An increase in body weight and shiny skin coat along with a better Body Condition Score (based on a random sample of 150 donkeys)
These donkeys are home-grown maize shoots from the hydroponics fodder project.  
More good news: Horse Heroes campaign still going strong
Our campaign to raise $1 million for equine welfare around the world in memory of the one million American horses and mules who served, suffered, and died in WW1 is still going strong.

To date, we have raised  nearly $800,000 thanks to our donors. What a beautiful way to honor yesterday's fallen equine war heroes! 
Horse Heroes is an official Centennial Partner of the U.S. WW1 Centennial Commission.  

Shirt sales support
"Free The Donkeys" campaign
Get one (or several) of our newest limited edition tee shirts to support construction of lifesaving shade shelters and water points for working equines in Ethiopia. Available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes! 
Make sure your love of animals will continue 

A gift in your will can ease the burdens of thousands of animals and help their poor owners for generations to come!

Gifts in your will are flexible and do not affect your current cash flow. Just include Brooke USA in your will and indicate a specific amount you would like to give or a percentage of any remaining balance of your estate.

Have you seen the new Wonder Woman movie, set
in WW1?  Watch our short video about a real-life wonder woman, our founder, Dorothy Brooke: 
After you watch the short video, you can support this great campaign by purchasing a shirt!
Horse Heroes is an official Centennial Partner of the U.S. WW1 Centennial Commission.   
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