A message from our Executive Director 
As we move into fall, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer and colder.  However, on October 15 th  our Emergency Winter Shelter will be opening .  I'm so  pleased, extremely thankful and relieved to announce that we will be partnering with Lakeside Christian Church in Kirkland as our host site for the fall.  Pastor Vince Armfield and his congregation have generously and warmly welcomed Sophia Way into their beautiful space that is conveniently located on a major bus line.  Easy access to frequent transit is an extremely important component in having an impactful winter shelter since most of our clients depend on transit to get around.  We are excited about working with the church members and community volunteers who are interested in supporting the shelter through various hospitality opportunities.  I want to thank all of the Churches that were approached to be possible sites and their quick efforts to discuss this request among their leadership councils and congregations.  It takes a lot of work to put something like this together and I appreciate our faith based partners efforts, TSW board members,  as well as officials from our Eastside cities.   Finally, if you are interested in donating a meal to the Women's Emergency Winter Shelter, please visit our website and you can sign on our meal's calendar.  Volunteers from our community provide a hot meal every single night from October 15 th  until May 15 th  so there are plenty of opportunities to help our most vulnerable neighbors.  I look forward to making this a safe, warm, and life-changing season for women on the Eastside who are experiencing homelessness.
- Angela Murray
In Memory of Helen Leuzzi, The Sophia Way Founding Director
We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of our founder, Helen Leuzzi.
Through the course of our lives, we often hear about people who have made a real difference in the world by helping others, but it is rare to actually meet and know such people personally, to get to see them in action, to be inspired by them.
Helen was one of those people.
When I first met Helen, she told me how distressed she was when she saw women going through the dumpsters behind office buildings in the late evenings. And she told me how angry she was when she began raising the issue and was told there were "no homeless people on the Eastside."
Helen was a force of nature. She refused to ignore the women and she refused to be ignored. With equal measures of passion, energy, creativity, charm, persistence and compassion, she started The Sophia Way.
In the years since, we have gone from eight mats on a church floor to the organization we are today. We have helped hundreds of women, thanks to thousands of supporters. But without Helen, The Sophia Way would not exist.
Helen did something truly remarkable. Because she was remarkable.
In the days and years to come, all of us at The Sophia Way will honor her memory, and all she accomplished, by continuing to do our very best, every single day, to help the women we serve.
Lynn M. Engel
Board Chair

Want to Work for The Sophia Way?
We are looking for a few qualified shelter staff for our Emergency Winter Shelter, Sophia's Place Shelter, and Day Center. We have full-time and part-time positions available, as well as shelter manager positions. Join our team!
Expedia Day of Caring
Huge thank you to the Expedia employees who took part in their fantastic Day of Caring project!

Expedia employees spent their day last Friday, the 9th, participating in volunteer projects throughout the area. Ten of then gathered in a conference room at their headquarters to assemble snack bags to provide to our clients. Expedia provided all the supplies- healthy, practical snacks, paper bags, and boxes to transport them. The team worked so efficiently that it only took about 15 minutes to assemble around 150 bags, and another 10 to bring them all down to our car!

In the summer months when our Emergency Winter Shelter is closed, many of our Day Center clients do not have access to an evening meal any night, or to breakfast or lunch on the weekends. Expedia and its employees provided the amazing gift of nourishment to those most in need. Thank you, Expedia!
Our Numbers so far!  

We've had a fantastic 2016 here at The Sophia Way! Here's a look back at the year
 so far in numbers:

304 - the number of women and children served at our Day Center
4,546 - the number of service days at our Day Center
50 - the number of women served women at Sophia's Place
15 - the number of women who have moved from our shelter to permanent or transitional housing
4,770 - the number of bednights at Sophia's Place
239 - the number of individuals served at our Emergency Winter Shelters for families and single adult women (January - May 2016)
2,729  - the number of bednights at our Emergency Winter Shelters (January - May 2016)

We could not have achieved any of this without your generous support! Thank you for helping us change lives!
Wonderful Partners - Comfort Socks and YourCity Sports

We recently received another fantastic donation of 280 pairs of long, warm socks, just in time for fall! We'd like to send a huge thank you to our neighbors at YourCity Sports, who have made several large donations of socks to us over the years through the organization Comfort Socks. 

Those experiencing homelessness frequently suffer from foot ailments due to being on their feet all day, not sleeping horizontally (i.e. in their car,) and inability to keep their feet clean, warm, and dry.  Having warm, clean socks can therefore have a huge impact on a person's overall health, as well as put a smile on their face. We are so grateful for be able to provide several pairs of good quality socks to our clients. Thank you YourCity Sports and Comfort Socks!
Holiday Initiative - How you can change lives
We are looking forward to celebrating the holidays with our clients at the Sophia's Day Center, Sophia's Place Shelter, Holly House and those clients who have transitioned into permanent housing, too.  The holiday season is especially difficult for many and we look forward to raising spirits most especially at this time of the year.

Here are some ways you can participate that would be most appreciated by our clients.
Gift Cards for grocery stores, drug stores, fast food restaurants, gas stations, Tracfone, etc
Tickets or passes to movie theaters and museums
Bus tickets - our clients can always use bus tickets!

Meals - we will need meals all throughout the holiday season.  The Winter Emergency Shelter will be open and additional services are needed there.

All donations should be received at The Sophia Way offices by December 12.  Please contact Holiday Initiative 2016 coordinator Pat Landy ( pat@sophiaway.org) or Kavya Dharmarajan ( kavya@sophiaway.org) if you want to donate or if you have any questions.

Thank you!