Fall 2020 Newsletter
Director's Corner
The team at St. Francis House is excited to introduce our newest board member, Adrienne Fletcher! We are thrilled to have her aboard and bring her skills, passion, and kindness to those most in need.

“When I had to shut down my business for a couple of months due to COVID, I had a lot of worries... but never about how I was going to eat in coming months, if I was going to be able to keep my home, or that I might not be able to pay for our utilities, because I was and am lucky enough to have a very strong support network around me of people who helped me get through a few rough months. I am so incredibly grateful to those people. However, not everyone is that lucky. The support that I received and continue to receive made me even more aware of those in our community who don't have the same support networks as I do and can't coast through a few rough months. That without the same support network just one missed paycheck can send them and their family into a downward spiral of not being able to make ends meet in a very serious way. My overwhelming gratitude for the circumstances that I found myself in during the shutdown led me to wanting to play a part - however small - in paying it forward, in helping those in our community that have been dealt unlucky cards and I'm honored that I've been accepted to join the Board of Directors at St. Francis House.” – Adrienne Fletcher
Creating New Futures for Children and Families
Our mission is to empower families with children to achieve permanent and stable self-sufficiency by providing case management; nutritious meals; and educational, health and career resources; in a safe and secure environment.
A New Future
Jennifer and her husband, Frank, arrived at St. Francis House after her complicated pregnancy led to them losing their home. Between his disability and Jennifer’s worsening pregnancy, Frank was forced to resign from his job to take care of Jennifer and their 8-year-old son, Louie. The family survived on their savings for a few months but were evicted from their home just before Jennifer gave birth. Baby Andrew was born two and a half months early. Plans were made for their older son to be temporarily housed with family members until Jennifer and Frank could find housing. The hospital referred them to St. Francis House.
They moved into the shelter and were reunited with Louie a week later. They would stay at the shelter until Andrew was released from the NICU. During their stay at St. Francis House, case managers helped Frank apply for Supportive Services for Veteran Families and receive assistance for his disability. When the time came for Andrew to be released from the hospital, the family moved into permanent housing. Both Jennifer and Frank still receive follow-up case management from St. Francis House. Jennifer has resumed homeschooling Louie, who is now entering the 3rd grade, and Andrew continues to receive physical therapy to help build his strength. The staff at St. Francis House knows that the family will continue to thrive together.
*fictional names

"The case managers at St. Francis House were a huge benefit to our family, both during our stay in the shelter and after we moved out. They were guides to us through our crazy confusion, and supported us through situations we had never found ourselves in before."
Volunteers & Donors
We are continuing to follow the local, state, and federal guidelines concerning COVID, therefore we have extended our suspension of in-house volunteer opportunities until it is safe to resume again. For the safety of everyone, we will continue to only accept nonperishable food items. If you are interested in contributing a financial donation: please send a check or money order to: P.O. Box 12491, Gainesville, FL 32604 or visit us online at: stfrancishousegnv.com
St. Francis House is incredibly grateful for Queen of Peace Catholic Church and their never-ending support of the nonprofit agencies in our community. Their parishioners participated in their annual Christmas in July event that helped contribute many much-needed items to those struggling during these difficult times. Our shelter guests are overwhelmed by the results of Queen of Peace’s generosity and compassion!
Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner! Out of an abundance of caution for our guests, volunteers, and staff, this year we will not be allowing walk-in volunteers during the holidays. Please contact the Volunteer Services Manager, Katelyn Drummet, at 352-378-9079 x317 or katelynd@stfrancishousegnv.com to be scheduled for this holiday season. There will be a limited amount of positions available, so sign up quick!
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and online for updates regarding donations and volunteer opportunities.
You Make A Difference!
St. Francis House would not be able to assist those most in need without you! So far this year, we have served over 800 guests and provided shelter and housing to 70 families with children. Upon exit, 96% of our guests have established stable, permanent housing. St. Francis House has also served nearly 37,000 meals to the hungry and homeless of our community.

Your contributions to St. Francis House, Inc. enable us to complete
our mission by providing services to those in need.

 $25 provides 13 meals                     $250 provides 125 meals
 $50 provides 25 meals                     $500 provides 250 meals
 $100 provides 50 meals                   $1000 provides 500 meals
 Other: ____________________________________________

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