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Thanksgiving and Anytime Pies:

We would appreciate your Thanksgiving orders by Saturday, November 17th.  This way, we can fully stock our ingredients pantry.

8" (4 to 6 slices)
10" (8 to 10 slices)

Standard Flavors:
Pumpkin 8" $7.99 10" $12.99 
 There is no beating our homemade blend of spices and smooth pumpkin. 
Apple 8" $7.99 /10" $13.99
Dutch Apple:
Crumb Top $7.49/$14.99
Apple Caramel $8.99/$14.99
Apple Walnut $8.49/$15.99
Blueberry $7.99/$16.99
Cherry Pie $7.99/$16.99
Pineapple $7.99/$16.99
Raisin $7.99/$15.99
Mincemeat $8.99/$13.99
Lemon Meringue $7.99/$12.99
Pecan $8.99/$13.99


Sugar-Free Add $2 to regular pie price

Only in Red Raspberry or Blueberry  


Cream Pies 8" $9.99 /10" $15.99
***Custard base with whipped cream top...
Must be refrigerated!***
Chocolate Custard
Banana Custard
Coconut Custard
Traditional Custard
Chocolate Banana Custard * add $2
Strawberry Custard * add $2
Cousin to the "BIG DUPA" Peanut Butter Donut
Peanut Butter Whipped Cream Cheese Pie
Available in 9" size only.  Graham Cracker crust with fluffy PB Cream Cheese filling, swirled with Fudge and more Peanut Butter. $15.99
More Thanksgiving Treats 
pastry tray  
Pastry Trays
60pc $39.99
75pc $46.99
100pc $59.99
Trays Include 2 styles of Kolacky, Custard Puffs, Marshmallow Meringue Lady Locks and Brownies.
* No substitutions
* Additional items may be added for an additional charge  

$7.99 per #, Average roll $11-$13

Add icing for $1.00, Maple for $1.50
Or get a tray for $56.99 
(approximately 100 pieces)

Need something Seasonal & Sweet to take to your fall party? Order a Pumpkin Roll Platter! Available in 3 sizes. 40 slice $49.99, 
30 slice $39.99 or 20 slice $29.99

We are Bringing this Old Favorite BACK!
Chocolate Cake, Iced in Chocolate Buttercream and covered with Fudge!
Serves about 10+   $22.99
***we are only making a limited order sooner as not to miss out. Please order by Nov. 17...pick-ups day before Thanksgiving***

Also Bread, Rolls & Pierogi 
Polish Sweet Bread $14.99
Raisins or Plain
Polish Sweet Bread: Plain or with Golden Raisins

Braided Hoska: $6.99 Plain or Golden Raisin
Add $1 for Cherries, Fruit
Add $1.50 for Nuts

Round Babka: $6.99 Plain or Golden Raisin
Add $1 for Cherries, Fruit
Add $1.50 for Nuts

  Gooble Gooble Gooble-Up some 
Turkey Bread

Order a Turkey Roll for Thanksgiving
34-36 pull apart rolls in the shape of a Turkey.  $15.99 order only
**Turkey Roll must be ordered by Thursday, Nov. 15

Decorated Cookies
Large decorated cookies $3 each

We will even have Christmas Cookies
available. Mini Butterdrop and Large Decorated Santas, Elves and more...

Christmas Pierogi Orders 2018
We will only be taking orders for the following 4 flavors during Christmas.... all other flavors will be 1st come 1st serve.

Flavors Available to Order
* Potato
* Potato & Cheddar
* Kraut
* Dry Farmer's Cheese

Flavors 1st Come 1st Serve
(While Supplies Last in the freezer Case...we will post on facebook the flavors we are making each day)

*Potato & Kraut
*Potato & Mushroom
*BACON,  Potato & Cheddar
*Jalapeno, Potato & Cheddar
* Mozzarella  & Cheddar
*Ricotta & Spinach
*Swiss & Mushroom
*Cabbage & Onion
All prices subject to change.  
3% service fee added on all debit/credit transactions
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Northfield Center, Ohio 44067


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cream pie

Coconut Cream Pie pies
pumpkin pie
Pumpkin Pie 
Pumpkin Roll

Mini Cream Cheese Dough Kolacky Trays
50pc $26.99
75pc $37.99
100pc $49.99
Bite sized pastry
Trays come with assorted flavors
Special flavors may be ordered for an additional charge

half size rolls  
Half-size Knots
 Dinner Rolls
$4.19 per dozen
Great dipped in homemade gravy
pull apart rolls
Buttery Pull Apart Rolls
$3.99 per dozen
Homemade and Amazing!
$5.79 #
Order some for an easy side dish!
apple pie
Apple Pie
Fall Cookies 
Decorated Cookies.
Pumpkins, Leaves, Turkeys, Acorns...
$3 each
Large 4" cookies
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banana cream pie
Banana Cream Pie
cherry pie with ice cream
Add some Ice Cream to your pie!  Oh Yeah!
Bakery will be CLOSED 
Black Friday
November 23, 2018

Santa Cookies

Rudolph Cookies

Apple or Cherry
Pumpkin Cookies
Elf on the Shelf

Elf Cookies
I love Peirogi