Wishing you God's blessings,
at Thanksgiving and always.
Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, we want to share a note of appreciation.

We are so grateful for our St. Elizabeth School parents, students, teachers and staff. We all recognize how trying the past year and a half has been; this pandemic has presented many challenges and hardships, but as a community, we have overcome them together. Our parents have remained steadfast in supporting this wonderful institution; you have demonstrated dedication, flexibility and graciousness. The students of St. Elizabeth School have proven to be resilient and ready to learn, despite the changes to their environment due to Covid. Our teachers and staff have persevered and have continued the education of our students, in whatever way necessary. To list the countless sacrifices each community member has made for the greater good of our school would be impossible. Please know that you will all be in our prayers this Thanksgiving and we pray that you and your family have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

God bless you, and we look forward to seeing everyone back in school on Tuesday, November 30th.

With gratitude,

Mary Penny and Kristen Cocozzella