During October, we performed our annual customer satisfaction survey process. We have done this every year since founding our business 20 years ago as it is vital for us to know how we are doing and to get feedback on how we can continue to improve. 
As we have in the past 5 years, we have joined an industry group to compare our responses to other similar companies around the nation. A total of 15 companies participated in this survey process this year. We are proud to report that our overall survey marks were some of the best in the group with 93% of respondents were overall very satisfied or at least satisfied. 
One of the proudest details from our responses was the consistency of comments. 26% praised our people, 26% praised our response to requests, and 22% praised our overall customer service. Team Orange has a passion to serve and respond!
Although we performed well on most surveys, we do still do know that we have room to Improve. We use our overall scores to work on company initiatives and specific customer feedback to improve service to that specific customer or property. We have contacted and are working the eliminate the reasons that 7% that are less than satisfied. We always strive to get better.
Again, thank you to those who returned a survey. We greatly appreciate your feedback. For those who didn’t return one, please do in the future and if you have feedback despite, feel free to let us know at any time.