Dear Friends, Neighbors and Land Trust Supporters,
Thank goodness for Thanksgiving! It could not have come at a better time.
While the recent presidential campaign and election revealed deep divisions among Americans on many issues, there are certain values that we all hold dear. The importance of place -- where we grew up, where we live, where we work, where we vacation, where we feel good -- is a common value shared by all of us. For those of us who love this place, for whatever reason, we can be thankful.
There is nowhere else in America like Georgia's Golden Isles. When I told friends from Atlanta about our move to St. Simons, the universal response was, "Lucky you. What a wonderful place." They followed with stories of why St. Simons is important to them -- the natural beauty, family vacations, school trips. They all said, "Please take care of it. We can't replace it."
So, as we enter this Thanksgiving season, let's be intentionally thankful for this beautiful place. Let's also be mindful that what my friends said is true: We can't replace it. Let's join together to protect and preserve our common value with thoughtful and forward-minded stewardship. And be thankful that we still have the opportunity to do so.


David H. Pope
Executive Director