Dear College of Engineering Colleagues:                                          

I think about the word “gratitude” a lot these days. Sometimes it can be overused. So this Thanksgiving, I invite everyone to reconsider its meaning as we celebrate with friends and family and take time to reflect on the passing year.

For my own part, I have gained a deeper appreciation of the word. Watching our community over the past 11 months, I’ve begun to see gratitude-in-action as the better part of valor. There are so many ways  our college community contributes to fostering a better world . I am grateful to be part of an academic community that sees higher education as a doorway and our college as a second home.

I wish each of you a relaxing and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday. And of course, I am grateful for all of your essential contributions to advancing our mission.

Sharon L. Walker, PhD
Dean, College of Engineering