Dear Colleagues:

This Thanksgiving season, I am channeling the former David Letterman Show to share with you my list of the “Top 10 Things I’m Thankful for Since Arriving at Drexel.”

10. Our generous and enthusiastic alumni and alumna, whom I have so enjoyed meeting over the past few months.

9. Our expanded, reinvigorated Engineering Advisory Board that will provide guidance and support to the College.

8. Promising discussions on research collaborations and student exchanges with our higher education colleagues in Israel.

7. A bright, new future with the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University as we discuss ways to incorporate engineering into Academy programs.

6. Our upcoming workshop on “The Impact of Implicit Bias,” which will help shape a more diverse, inclusive CoE environment.

5. The contributions of Giuseppe Palmese as interim dean of the College of Engineering.

4. The inspired leadership of our department heads: Cameron Abrams, Charles Haas, Steven Weber, Christine Fiori, Michele Marcolongo, Jon Spanier, and Vladimir Genis.

3. The translational research of our faculty that is making such a difference in the world, from MXene materials used to develop “wearable” artificial kidney applications, to functional fabric devices and architectures, to research that will inform the design of naval ships and systems, to electromagnets that augment the sounds of a piano and lead us into the next generation of musical technology. 

2. The unprecedented four Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) grants from the Department of Education, awarded in cybersecurity, pharmaceutical problems, environmental sustainability, and issues of labor shortages and infrastructure. 

1. And, most of all, the joy of meeting all of you and starting this wonderful new chapter in the life of the College of Engineering together.

I wish you a warm and relaxing Thanksgiving.

Dr. Sharon L. Walker, PhD
Dean, College of Engineering