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September 29, 2023
Thanksgiving Harvest
Special Edition #1

Fr Joseph invites you to come & be part of our Thanksgiving Harvest 2023. Watch the brief video.

AB Ogah invites you to come to our Thanksgiving Harvest 2023. Watch the brief video.

"I will praise the name of God with a song; I will magnify him with thanksgiving.” Psalm 69:3
Photos above are mostly from 2022 Thanksgiving Harvest

With love & thanksgiving,
from our families....

This is an occasion for an individual, family or group to make a special thanksgiving offering on any of the Sundays leading up to the Thanksgiving Harvest day (November 11, 2023).

Plan your Family Thanksgiving Offering today. There are only have 6 remaining days.

To properly respect the liturgy and people’s time, we limit the offerings to 4 per Mass. This is no problem if we plan ahead. Call the office at 973-623-0258 or email us for your family offering.

Below are the available spots. Sign up today!

  • Oct 1 - Family of Christopher & Mary Akinwuntan (3 more spots)
  • Oct 8- (4 available spots)
  • Oct 15- Religious Education Children ((3 more spots)
  • Oct 22- (4 available spots)
  • Oct 29- (4 available spots)
  • Nov 5- (4 available spots)

Last Sunday, September 24, Grace Odionu made her family offering. See photos of Grace's offering below.

Letter from Fr Joseph:

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Jesus,

Welcome to Thanksgiving 
Harvest 2023!  

Each year our Harvest celebration begins long before the big day of
the main event (November 12, 2023).

It kicks off with the rich tradition of our weekly Family Thanksgiving Offerings.

These offerings are an essential way to cultivate an attitude of gratitude to God, through telling family and friends “Come with me to the Eucharist to give thanks to the Lord for all He has done for me/my family.” 

Thanksgiving Offering. I encourage you to be courageous in this gentle but very effective form of evangelization. 

I also want to give you some tools for this holy work.

About 10%-20% of our Harvest funds come from our family offerings, but the possibility of bringing someone from “outside” to be someone “inside”; into a life-changing encounter with Jesus and his Church, makes the Family Thanksgiving Offerings a 100% windfall for the Kingdom of God.
So, we want to guide you in making your Family
Thanksgiving Offering a sweet harvest of
souls unto God – one person at a time.

Let’s go through the steps on how to do this:

1. Pray and choose a date for your thanksgiving offering.

2. Invite everyone to your family offering day: family & friends, neighbors, co-workers, your doctors, mechanics – everyone.
In the Family Thanksgiving packet are invitation letters for your guests. See here. Please include a personal note from you before handing them out or mailing them. We will be posting soon the digital version of this invitation with which to invite everyone on WhatsApp, Facebook, email, etc.

3. Also in this packet you will find a Gratitude Card where you can list all blessings you have received from the Lord this year, for which you are grateful. See here. You can present this Gratitude Card along with whatever you are presenting during your Family Harvest Offering.

4. Ask the Lord: “Lord, show me the
financial offering You are asking me to make
at this time.  

5. Pray and ask the Lord to put in your heart specific people He would like you invite.

6. After the Mass, invite your guests to come down stairs for coffee, tea and donuts. If you’d like, we can reserve a table downstairs for your guests with your name on it.  

Thank you for making this Family
 Thanksgiving Offering fruitful in every way!

In Jesus thru Mary & St Joseph,

Fr Joseph

Family Offering:
Mrs. Grace Odionu's Offering

Photos from our previous Thanksgiving Harvest celebrations- click below to view.
Please donate to our St Antoninus Thanksgiving Harvest 2023.
May the Lord reward you for your generosity.

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