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October 6, 2023
Thanksgiving Harvest
Special Edition #2

  • See photos of the recent Thanksgiving Family Offerings

  • If you prefer to send digitized Harvest flyers that can be sent on texts, emails and all social media, copy the links provided. Included too is Fr Joseph's welcome letter to our guests. See below.
( Paper copies are available in the church entrance).

Fr. Peter Okafor is inviting you to our Thanksgiving Harvest 2023

Jacinta Aniebue is inviting you to our Thanksgiving Harvest 2023

"I will praise the name of God with a song; I will magnify him with thanksgiving.” Psalm 69:3
Our Thanksgiving Harvest- an Opportunity for Grace & Blessing

Our Thanksgiving Harvest is a grace-filled time for giving thanks to Jesus, the Lord of the Harvest, for all the blessings and provisions received for the year. It is also a time when the parish unites with one heart to celebrate the Lord's goodness and one another - and to have fun together!

This joyful celebration is our primary fundraiser each year for the vital infrastructure repairs and minor improvements needed in the parish.

Borrowed from a beautiful tradition in West Africa, this thanksgiving festival is a time when we present our "first fruits" to the Lord right at His altar during holy Mass.

Families, individuals & groups come (some dancing) during Offertory at Mass to present themselves & their gifts to the Lord, in a form of tithing to support the Lord's mission for His Church. The offerers are then blessed by the priests at the altar, along with their gifts.

This is not a one day event. Our grand Thanksgiving Harvest day this year at St Antoninus is on Sunday, November 12.

On this day of joyous celebration, we begin with Holy Mass at 10am, with the blessing for all nations during our flag-bearing Parade of Nations. Following Mass, we gather for delectable multi-cultural lunch and exciting festivities, including a bazaar auction.

Invite all your families, friends, co-workers, your doctors, insurance agent, car mechanic, etc to come and support our harvest appeal.

Let us pray a blessed & fruitful Thanksgiving Harvest!

Plan your Family Thanksgiving Offering today. There are only have 5 remaining Sundays left.

To properly respect the liturgy and people’s time, we limit the offerings to 4 per Mass. This is no problem if we plan ahead. Call the office at 973-623-0258 or email us for your family offering.

Below are the available spots on the coming Sundays. Sign up today!

Oct 8:
  • St Antoninus Choir led by Ken Julien (3 more spots)

Oct 15:
  • Religious Education Children
  • St Antoninus French Community
(2 more spots)

Oct 22-
  • Modupe Ojo & Family. (3 more spots)

Oct 29:
  • Marycomfort Opara & Family
(3 more spots)

Nov 5:
  • Jane Cebedo (3 available spots)

Last Sunday (the 1st of October) there were 3 sets of harvest offerers:
  • Christopher & Mary Akinwuntan & Family
  • The Harvest Committee members
  • The Nigerian community in celebration of the Nigerian Independence Day.
See photos below:

Family Offering:
Christopher & Mary Akinwuntan & Family

Family Offering:
Members of Harvest Committee (not all shown)

Family Offering:
Nigerian community (in celebration of Nigerian Independence Day)

If you prefer to send flyers on your phone or email, click all the needed links below:

Photos from our previous Thanksgiving Harvest celebrations- click below to view.
Please donate to our St Antoninus Thanksgiving Harvest 2023.
May the Lord reward you for your generosity.

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You can use Zelle.

Enter St Antoninus as a recipient and enter the following info:
Name: St. Antoninus Catholic Church

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Thanksgiving Harvest Special Edition

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