Loudoun Hunger Relief wishes you and yours
a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

We are truly amazed and moved by the kindness and generosity of our wonderful Loudoun community as we approach this holiday of gratitude. Over 3500 Thanksgiving Dinner Bags and the gift cards that go with them were donated in the last few weeks. They have been going right back out to those in need all this week and next week right up to the day before Thanksgiving.

So many individuals and groups made huge efforts to contribute to the Thanksgiving Dinner Bag drive--all we can do is give you our profound gratitude. Many families will enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with abundance thanks to you.

More families than ever before need the help and morale boost of a good holiday meal. Last week, we served nearly 900 families for regular grocery distribution. The number of families in need has been creeping up all fall, from a low of the mid-600s in the summer. We don't see an end in sight this winter. Through these uncertain times, we know one thing for sure: with your help we will continue to do everything possible to make sure families have access to sufficient, nutritious food.

Your incredible outpouring of support for those in need gives hope.
The relief and thankfulness of families receiving your help gives joy.

We're just the conduit. Especially at this time of year, we want everyone who gives kindness and food in our community to feel the hope, joy and gratitude of those who receive. Family to family, neighbor to neighbor, person to person.

Kindness connecting a community.