Regina and I are wishing you a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving! We gave thanks every day to God for being permitted to be part of the Reliance-Ridings Chapel Charge.

We will be having our Thanksgiving at home and in order to do no harm, do good, and love God we will be using Zoom to reach out to our family.
Join Us in Living Hope
The season of Advent is upon us, starting November 29, 2020. Advent is not a for-runner to Christmas, but is a season that we are in between the Incarnation and the Second Coming. It is about the presence the took flesh, died, rose again, and lives yet and into eternity. It is about promises made and kept and the final promise yet to be fulfilled when God's Kingdom is fully consummated with the Christ's return.

We hope that you will join us in this season as we offer a daily reading program for the next four weeks. Over the four weeks, we hope you will be diligent in reading each day's lesson, and be even more diligent in sharing it with someone in your home, on the phone with a family member, or a friend. For those who do not have email, we are sending by mail the daily reading list. It will also be posted on our Reliance-Ridings Chapel Website.
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