Thanksgiving Pup Alert
November 11th, 2017
Please contact Dr. Sheron by phone if you want one of the AVAILABLE pups in Zoe's litter by Paz or Cafe' Ole's litter by Elvis Jr.
XANADU Phone Numbers--
HQ in Ridgway, CO: 970 626-9747
Cell Phone: 970 708-8030

In this Issue of XANADU'S THANKSGIVING Pup Alert:
2. A Note about Blue-Eyes
3. Puppy-Selection Time (right now!) for Zoe' and Paz's Litter -- See Photos
4. Cafe' Ole's Litter by Elvis Jr.--Description and Photos
5. Shipping Notes 


Oh, this year, XANADU had a hard time with the transition from my notes on scraps of paper and notebooks to computer organization. Several persons saved the day/month/year in my behalf. Transition was rough. Because I have little expertise and faith in technology with which I am unfamiliar, I was no fun to work with; and the following people are the true 2017 XANADU CHAMPIONS--

A. Our webmaster, Nathan, who also publishes our Pup Alerts--and makes them pretty-- and forgives ALL of my lack of technical savvy.

B. XANADU'S Office Manager, Mandi, who answers initial emails and keeps XANADU spreadsheets (so I make fewer mistakes), and who takes so many pups to the airport for us, and who is my friend and daily correspondent.

C. My daughter, Ariel, who was here during the crisis when XANADU'S new secretary was not able to assume her on-site role. Ariel began our spreadsheets, updated XANADU record-keeping, and made sure that everyone got the right pup. She also worked to keep me calm during a time that was supposed to be vacation time for her.

D. My son, Garrick, who came over from the eastern slope to take over XANADU spreadsheet-making and chaos organization by computer. And then he got stuck here longer than he intended because of a snowstorm. Eternally GRATEFUL!

E. XANADU lawyer, Linda -- who is also a BIG-time Guardian,
absolute Jane-of-all-trades, positive-person support, and who has a can- do attitude. Linda can think when my mind turns to mush. She is a lifetime friend and treasure -- and a great example of how to be a human being.

F. Rita, my BFF for over 50 years who keeps our Breeding Lineages, Guardian Records, Photos, etc., etc. for over 80 XANADU Breeding Dogs--and like all others in our XANADU human pack -- puts up with me and has done so for a lifetime. I am SO grateful!

G. Guardians of Uhura (means "freedom" in Swahili -- like Uhura's name in the old Star Trek series) -- Karen & Steve reared twenty-four puppies from Uhura's two litters. Oh, how good to know such caring, rock- bottom good, puppy-loving people like Karen & Steve. While XANADU works toward offering the public "the World's Best Family Dogs," XANADU also has the best Guardians in the world.

I. I am very grateful to Guardian Benita! Benita and I stumbled through special-needs this season, and had an issue that was figured out ONLY by the next very smart Guardian and tenacious researcher, Sara (see "J" below) and not by XANADU medical pros, no matter what their specialties. Doggie genetics are complex; next lifetime, I've put in my order -- I want to be a dancer and a geneticist -- and I want to be on Benita's team and have her on mine.

J. Sara is the Guardian of a retired Xanadoodle and the mom of a
daughter who is hearing impaired. Sara adopted one of the most beautiful of XANADU dogs -- and this pup is hearing impaired. And that is a different world: Recently, while in the park with her happy, playful deaf pup, she met a man who was walking a deaf dog. He said, "I wouldn't have anything but a deaf dog."
You do not run out of reality and experience, love and adventure -- no matter what.

K. XANADU Micromanager, Dick, my husband, who may not know how much I appreciate his daily and continuous support, his too-many- reminders, poopy-scooping, and cooking when I am 24/7 too busy to eat, and his wonder at the success and development of the World's Best Family Dogs.

L. These are special people -- A through L, but as noted above, XANADU Guardians are just the best, and I've made friends I'd like to
know for the rest of my life: Laurlie, Sarah, Brian & Jean, Brock,
Spencer, Lora, Nicolas, (network breeder) Suzi, (outside stud owner) Gary. These amazing and supportive, helpful and kind people, are XANADU heroes and heroines of just this one year, 2017. These and some 60 other Guardians are the heart of XANADU -- and may also be next year's heroes and heroines, as well. XANADU and I have so many people for whom to be thankful, and I am thankful for you, too, who read our Pup Alert newsletters.

M. The 2017 XANADU puppies are grateful, too. They are grateful for GREAT homes with many of you, for excellent vet care and good-dog! training, for love and bedtime stories and treats. 

There are several "kinds" of blue eyes that a dog might have and that (apparently) are different and indicate different qualities genetically. And no, I don't understand this well, and it is hard to research. But blue eyes in many dogs indicates merle characteristics (in the Australian Shepherd/Aussiepoos/Cocker Spaniels & Cockapoos, for example). Merles are gorgeous, but XANADU doesn't offer many, because of the associated genetic problems in breeding.
Blue-eyed Siberian Huskies are different, however. So are blue-eyed Goberians, and they are "safe" from merle issues. Remember, XANADU breeds for and guarantees genetic soundness.
Blue eyes are harder to obtain -- especially in our F1b lineages; brown eyes seem dominant. Some people prefer the rather magical blue eyes; some people prefer "warm" brown eyes; and some people ask for one brown and one blue eye...

At six weeks of age, eye color is more stable. Puppies that have blue eyes usually KEEP their blue eyes. Some don't. Some puppies with green in the blue eye(s) have eyes that eventually turn hazel. A pup with any yellow or tan in the blue mix may have eyes that turn green or hazel. Sometimes green or hazel eyes turn golden brown -- or just a warm brown. We try to watch out for turning eye colors and give new owners a heads-up regarding that possibility. But we also offer an eye-color refund if both eyes turn brown.

Puppy Pricing for Zoe' & Paz's Goberian pups and Cafe'Ole' & Elvis Jr's. Goberian pups follows, and even though these are Holiday Litters, our prices do not go up:

Guardian Puppies are $1250 with a two-litter Breeding Agreement. Please do not ask us to sell selected a Guardian without a Breeding Agreement. These future XANADU sires and dams are XANADU'S future, and they are how our Breeding Program improves litter by litter. Please call for Guardian information if you are interested in a Guardian pup (usually a female), and see attached Guardian Information document.

Litter Pick puppies are $2885. Litter Pick pups can have blue, brown, yellow, green, hazel eyes -- your choice -- and YOU are the first to choose a male or female Litter Pick for which you have paid (or for which you have submitted a deposit), after the Guardian pup has been chosen. (XANADU pays taxes & PayPal fees for all pups).

Pet Home Blue-Eyed pups, including bi- eyed puppies, are $2625 (XANADU pays taxes & PayPal fees for all pups).

Pet Home brown-eyed puppies are $2150 -- total pup price. 
3. ZOE' & PAZ'S LITTER -- DOB: 11 Oct. 2017
Pups May Go to New Homes: Dec. 2 - 6

PHOTOS are attached of Zoe' & Paz & their pups. Puppies are now six-weeks old. Both parent dogs are 65 lb., and pups are expected to be larger than those in Cafe'Ole's litter. Puppies will be vet checked for health and will be wormed when you receive them. Veterinarians do not like to do vaccinations before eight weeks any longer; please remember to take your pup to your veterinarian for a well-pup check-up (so you will be assured that you have a healthy puppy and so your veterinarian will have a baseline of what good health looks like for your puppy). Your pup's new-puppy vet check with your own veterinarian keeps his/her health warranty in effect (see website for health warranty information).

Following is the (human) Guardian's description of Zoe's pups, and puppy photos are in the following order :
  • Male 1 has two blue eyes! He’s small but a go getter— loves to play hard.
  • Male 2 is the biggest.
  • Male 3 has dark gray eyes. Also smaller but very interactive.
  • Male 4 (light coat) has bi-eyes (one blue; one gray). Very inquisitive and likes to try to climb the step stool.
  • F-5 Our Guardian Female is a cuddle bug; laid back but inquisitive. She plays with the other pups but isn’t the initiator generally. She loves the little stuffed toys.
  • F-6 (Mostly) black female loves to play and loves her toys. Happy to entertain herself, but loves to wrestle with the others. Will take initiative in interacting with other pups.
  • F-7 Light colored female also likes to initiate play, so she and the black female have a lot of fun wrestling.

Pet Home pups are selected in the order deposits/payments have been received. If you have submitted a deposit for one of Zoe's puppies (or sent a complete payment), you may select a puppy at this time. Please let me know your selection ASAP, so others can also select their pups.

A. Ashlyn, please select your Female Litter Pick puppy. Please note that our Guardian female may still be available; please don't select her.
B. Caitlan, please select your Male Litter Pick puppy.
C. Raksha, please select your Pet Home Male puppy -- and please
select two pups you could easily love just in case your favorite is
selected as the Litter Pick Male.
D. Danielle, please select three Pet Home Males that you could love
easily--just in case two males are selected by others.
attached photo.
all attached photos of male pups.
G. ONE AVAILABLE FEMALE PUP (Please contact XANADU). Note all attached photos of female pups. 

4. CAFE' OLE' & ELVIS JR'S. LITTER DOB: 31 Oct. 2017
Pups Go to New Holiday Homes: Dec. 13 & ff.

These puppies' eyes are just opening; we really will not know eye color for several more weeks. More brown eyes are expected, given the eye color of the parent dogs. Elvis Jr's. eyes are brown, of course, and Cafe's eyes turned from blue to a very pretty hazel. We have new photos of Cafe's pups--and they are absolutely lovely babies.

These puppies will be smaller than Zoe's and sizes may vary more. Cafe' is about 40 lb. Elvis Jr. is 65 lb. Pups will average around 50 lb. as adults.

Cafe's mom was a Doodle (rather than a 100% Golden Retriever. And this is often how XANADU produces a low-shed litter. Two puppies in this litter MAY be lower-shed puppies. Our next Pup Alert will feature Cafe's litter with more detail. The attached photos of Cafe's litter is an incomplete count. There are two blond & white males, but only one picture. The last photo is of a white female. Very similar male and female tri-colors are shown; most will be black, white, and rust-colored as adults; there may be a black, white, and silver pup.

Photo order --
A. Blond Male (There are 2 Blond Males; one photo)
B. Lower-Shed Male
C. Males
D. Tri-Male
E. Lower-Shed Female
F. White Female
G. Movie Clip -- Tri-Color Pups 
If you need Shipping for your new pup, that price is in addition to your puppy's price and, for United Pet Safe Cargo, is $475. You can also pay for shipping -- United PetSafe Air Cargo shipping -- at the time you pay the balance for your puppy. Just add $475 to your balance. Please use my email address for payments: whether you make one inclusive payment or pay for shipping separately.

XANADU of the Rockies will make reservations for your puppy immediately after other puppies have gone to local new homes (if any go to local homes). I recommend an increasingly common practice: Fly into the Pueblo or Colorado Springs Airport, and pick up your pup. Puppy can be picked up from the Guardian of Zoe's litter in Pueblo or the Guardian of Cafe's litter in Colorado Springs, and puppy can fly home with you in the cabin of the aircraft. Depending on the airline
carrier used, puppy may need an airline flight check. These costs are in addition to your airline ticket. Please check with the airline you choose to see regulations. Your puppy will weigh between 9 and 13 pounds (probably), and you'll need this information in selecting a soft-sided crate for the flight.

It is also pleasant to reserve a motel room, fly (or drive) in one day, go skiing or etc., have a great dinner, a restful night at a local motel/hotel (book early), pick up puppy and fly (drive) home the next day. 
XANADU wishes every one of you a warm and Happy Thanksgiving -- many hugs, much laughter, and safe travels. 
My very best,
Sheron Steele & Xanadu Pack o' Pups
Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

615 Canyon Drive, Log Hill Mesa
Ridgway, CO 81432
Home Phone: 970-626-9747
Cell Phone (no texts):  970-708-8030