November 2016                               Newsletter #2 

Watch for our Spring Workshop calendar in the coming weeks. Workshops on tap for next spring include Starting An Organic Program, Organic Gardening, Kid's Organic Gardening and a NEW workshop focusing on Planting & Growing Potatoes. We'll be posting dates and sign up information soon. 

Have you picked up your FREE Wells Brothers Almanac Calendar?   Everyone gets one free and after that they are $1.00. Hurry in, while supplies last!

From all of us here at Wells Brothers, have a very Happy Thanksgving! And remember to Shop Small at local businesses in and around our community this season!

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Dick Broussard

A little election day pick me up here
Dick's Blog & Words of Wisdom
Chicken Feed Roundup: What To Feed & When
Now that Allen has legalized backyard chickens, I’m going to”peck” at this subject. It’s time to talk about basic chicken terms, life stages and the most important, chicken feed. The basics are as follows, young birds are called chicks, pullets are adolescent birds and layers are adult hens that lay eggs. 

Straw vs Hay: Do You Know The Difference?
The age old question: Straw vs Hay, what’s the difference?  Straw is plant stubble from a harvested crop. It’s called straw because it’s hollow. Straw is also a regional product. In North Texas, 99% of the straw is from wheat. The other 1% is typically made from oats.
Lotions and Potions for Aching Joints & Dry Skin
Snap, Crackle,  Pop  and Moan are just some of the sounds I make in the morning. It’s not every morning but after spending a weekend of working in the yard or in the woods then add in a seasonal weather change that’s pretty much my morning symphony. Some of these pains are old injuries coming back to haunt me and some are not.

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Timely Pet Tips

Thanksgiving Safety Tips For Pets

The winter holidays can be fun for the whole family, but let’s make sure it’s not a dangerous time for your pet. Thanksgiving centers around food, so here are a few Thanksgiving safety tips to protect your pet and avoid a visit to the veterinarian.

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November Savings
Wild Bird Seed Savings
Save $2 off select varieties of Songbird Essentials Wild Bird Seed during the month of November.
November Savings Coupons
Save on Victor, Muenster & Taste of the Wild dog food, bird seed and MORE with our print & save coupons.
November Happenings

Plano Christmas Cops
Drop Off Site
Drop off your donations of toys, canned goods, new coats and clothing items and monetary donations for Plano Christmas Cops at Wells Brothers.  We're an official collection site again this year!

for Garden Tonic

Wells Brothers Garden Tonic  (our version of compost tea) is going away for the season. We'll brew our last batch of the on  November 19th so pick up a gallon or two while you can.

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