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November 2018
Keep Your Pets Warm This Winter
Pet Beds
Does your furry friend need a new bed? We can help. Check out our stock of soft, comfortable pet beds at Noah’s Pet in Bentonville and Fayetteville. It’s important to provide a warm, dry place for your pet to sleep during the cold winter months. 
Heated Pet Bed Warmer
Just because they’re covered in fur doesn’t mean they can’t get chilled in your drafty house. Make your pet’s bed comfy and warm with an heated pet bed warmer. It provides gentle heat to keep your best friend warm and cozy all winter long.
Shavings & Bedding
As cold weather approaches, it's important to ensure your outdoor animals have shelter and extra bedding to keep them warm. At Noah's Pet & Wild Bird, we carry a variety of shavings and bedding pellets for your outdoor and indoor animals.
Wildlife Feed
Whole Corn & Rice Bran
Deer season is here. Before you head to the lease, stop by Noah's Pet and pick up Riverstone and MFA whole deer corn and wheat bran in plain, persimmon and peanut butter flavors.
Wild Bird Seed
Pick up wild bird seed at Farmers Coop and Noah's Pets. We carry a great selection of wild bird feed including black oil sunflower and our very own Farmers Coop Wild Bird Blend. 
Noah's Bentonville Savings
20% off Kid's Toys
It's not too early to shop for the holidays! Pick up farm & ranch toys for your kiddos and save 20% off in November at Noah's Bentonville.
20% off Yard Decor
Our entire stock of lawn & garden decor is 20% at Noah's in Bentonville. Save on metal lawn art, select bird feeders and bird baths.
Pet Food Clearance
Save 50% on select pet food brands & $10 off select Purina Horse Feed during our clearance at Noah's Bentonville. Selection is limited to supply on hand.
Thanksgiving News
Thanksgiving Pet Tips
The holidays can be fun for the whole family, but let’s make sure it’s not a dangerous time for your pet. Thanksgiving centers around food, so here are a few tips to protect your pet during the holiday and avoid a visit to the veterinarian.
Thanksgiving, Yep We're Closed
Noah's is closed on Thursday, November 22, for Thanksgiving and will reopen with regular business hours on Friday. We wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with lots of food, company, and fellowship.
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