How is it already the week before Thanksgiving?

I feel like this year flew by.

The weather is looking pretty cold for the Ashland Thanksgiving Market this weekend! We will still be there, but if the temperature is 32 or below, we can't put the produce out or it will freeze! We suggest pre-ordering if you are so inclined (order minimum $25). We can keep the box truck warm enough to protect your veggies and then hand them out to you when you get here! As soon as the weather 'warms-up' we will put out produce for sale, which, based on the low of 25 and high of 41 predicted, will probably be right around when the market starts.

Ashland Farmers Market Hours: 10am to 1pm (one hour later start than usual)

Location: 125 Front St, Ashland

OR, you can pre-order for pick up at the farm on Saturday between 11am and 12pm.

It was a tough growing season with the drought, but fall was kind to us and we've got a lot of delicious, fresh produce to choose from. We've got cauliflower, purple broccoli, the best and sweetest carrots, sweet turnips, spinach and more. Celebrate a local farm that made it through two extremely challenging growing seasons and eat what is bountiful. Butternut better not be the only thing you want, come out and show your support!

We're 'putting out the tip jar' for our wonderful crew.

Typically we offer year end bonuses, but because of a combination of drought and inflation, we don't have a surplus this year to do so. Our team works hard, in all kinds of weather, doing challenging physical labor to make this farm possible. Help me give them their bonuses by making a contribution. If everyone who got a share gave $8 we'd have enough to meet my usual goal.

How to contribute:

  1. Bring cash to your Fall CSA pick up or to the Ashland Market
  2. Venmo "Upswing Farm" and label your contribution "crew bonus"
  3. Purchase a 'crew bonus' at check-out in the online store
  4. Send a check marked 'crew bonus' to Upswing Farm 65 Brookline St, Pepperell, MA, 01463

We will divide all contributions based on hours worked.

Thank you for considering supporting my team - we hope to see you this weekend!

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One more thing - we aren't able to offer cranberries this year. I wish that we could, but it just didn't work out - hopefully they will be back next year!!


Your Farmers

Brittany and Kevin

Thanks for the spring pic, Melody!

...maybe we need a fall pic? Good luck finding us in the same place at the same time! Our current "M.O." is "divide and conquer"!

Storing Produce

Greens: In a plastic bag in the fridge, not near the freezer. (Ideally between 34 and 40 degrees with 98% humidity.) If they don't come in a bag, undo the twist tie when you get them home and put them in a bag. They will wilt without one.

Root veggies: All roots (except potatoes, onions and sweet potatoes) want to be in the fridge. You should twist roots like radishes, beets, turnips and carrots off of their greens before storing. The greens are all edible - so you can store them separately if you plan to eat them.

Sweet Potatoes and Winter Squash: Store at room temperature - your countertop or in a cabinet in your kitchen is best.

Onions and Potatoes: These crops like cool and dark, but dry, not moist like inside your fridge. If you plan to use them up in a week, on the counter is fine. If trying to store them for longer a dark (inside a brown bag), dry and cool environment like a basement or garage where they won't freeze is best - although don't forget about them!

Herbs and scallions: Unless you are drying them, they can go in a plastic bag in the fridge.

Tomatoes: Don't like the fridge! Store on the counter at room temp.

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