Farmer Goes to Market Thanksgiving Special Issue
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What happened to bird flu? | Holiday meats outlook
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2016 Election Food Issues Roundup
Election-day food politics highlights 
As your shoppers across Nebraska sit down to the Thanksgiving meal, traditional and not-so-traditional, let's take a moment to reflect on the numerous ballot initiatives this fall aimed directly at changing the nature and make-up of that table.
Native American foods
Thanksgiving reflections on U.S. food costs 
Farm Bureau's annual Thanksgiving-meal price survey shows a slight downtick in the cost to feed 10 people this holiday, but apparently not significant enough to ease continued fears of gradually increasing food inflation. But here's the side of the story your shoppers may not be hearing.
What happened to bird flu_
Where did the bird-flu apocalypse go?
This time last year, shoppers were hit with some of the cost of a massive outbreak of avian influenza in the United States in the form of increased turkey prices. This year, the effect is barely a ripple in the market. What gives?
Holiday Meats
What's ahead for traditional holiday meat supplies?
Underwritten by very large supplies of animals ready for market, this season's pork supply is driving the general decline in costs for the traditional holiday meats. Here's a brief outlook for the rest of this season, and into next year. 
Nebraska Heritage Turkey
Heritage turkeys in Nebraska
Wattermann Family Farms of West Point show what goes into the creation of high-value heritage turkeys in this stylish video. 
The worst of the Internet turkey disasters
The best of the worst Internet turkey disasters 
According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, on average about 1,300 kitchens will go up in flames this Thanksgiving, about three times the norm. Here are the top breathtakingly horrifying Internet examples.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, we give thanks to our partners in the food industry. The United States can be proud of the farmers and ranchers who grow our food in an efficient and economical way so as to provide reasonably priced, high-quality products to consumers.  Our farmers and ranchers are stewards of the land and have adopted best practices that will ensure the environment is protected through generations to come. They raise animals for human consumption in such a way that the animals are raised well and the people of the United States have access to healthy foods: meat, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables. The grocery industry is proud to call the ag community our partners in feeding Nebraska, the nation and the world.
In our last Farmer Goes to Market we informed our readers that our topics are thoroughly researched prior to printing, that our readers can trust that the information we share is factual and not emotional. We said it then and we'll say it again - we share the truth. We encourage you to pass our information along to others who may find it of interest.
Wishing you a great Thanksgiving!
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