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Federal funds, grants and support to states, counties and communities are based on population totals and breakdowns by sex, age, race and other factors. Your community benefits the most when the census counts everyone. People in your community use census data in all kinds of ways, such as these:
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 The Annual Panamanian Independence
Nov. 3, 2019
at Regional Park
Thank You!

Any day is a good day to thank a veteran for his or her service.
However,it’s particularly important on November 11, otherwise known as Veterans Day .

Initially meant to celebrate  world peace and the end of World War I , Veterans Day has evolved into a holiday honoring current and former members of the United States Armed Forces .

The City of Miramar takes great pride in thanking all Veterans for their service and w ith hope that those who live in freedom will always be grateful to those who helped preserve it.

Congratulations to the Miramar Police Department’s Citizens’ Police Academy graduates for voluntarily completing 14 weeks of training and education in efforts to better serve our beautiful community of Miramar.

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