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Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and maybe even unexpected house guests.
Is your home ready for the holidays? Do you need more space in your home?

Many homeowners bump up their useable living space by remodeling their basements.
A basement remodel can be as simple or as extravagant as you wish.

Check out these ideas and let us know if we can help you!
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Basements are a excellent source of additional living space!
I know it can be difficult to imagine,
especially if your basement is currently dark, damp, drab or just plain old scary, but they really are a wonderful, blank slate for you to be creative with!
Why should you remodel your dark, dreary, under-utilized basement? Here are just a few reasons you may not have thought of...

  • Basement remodeling offers the best value per square foot in comparison with all other space-increasing projects. One of the reasons being is that room additions require a structural foundation, walls and a roof. But the basic structure of your basement is already in place!

  • Express your creativity and decorate the basement any way your feel! The basement can be adorned independently of the rest of the house because it is a distinctly separate space and will not disrupt the flow of your home. So, go wild!

  • A basement can be easily heated or cooled and offers a natural sound barrier from the rest of the house. It can quickly become the most comfortable living space in your entire house!

  • Although it is difficult to recoup 100% of your investment at the time of resale, a basement remodel can make your home more attractive to potential buyers down the road. I do hope, however, that you will enjoy your finished basement for years to come because then, you will have already gotten maximum value out of the project.

So, don't wait any longer for the gift of added living space! Your home away from home, your kid's home away from home, your house guest's home away from home awaits you!
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