As we have done every year, we conducted our annual customer survey this past month and are proud to share our results. We received 165 surveys back from our customers. Now we will humbly admit that not all were outstanding, but most were. We subscribe to the Net Promoter Score or NPS┬« scoring system and are proud to have received a 77% NPS. This high score helps confirm that we provide the most consistent landscape maintenance and renovation services in our area along with outstanding communication and customer service. However, we actually appreciate critical feedback with comments as it helps us improve.

We will take the feedback from each response and work with the feedback of that customer to ensure we are meeting their needs and where we could improve. We also look at our survey averages to see where we should work on our operational programs to make improvements where our marks are lowest. As you can see above, our scores on weed control and irrigation management were the lowest and we will work with our team to make improvements in those areas. In the service section, our lowest marks were in proactive communication and understanding our customers needs. We will also work to modify our service in those areas. However, we are quite proud to have such high marks in response time, ease of doing business, and developing relationship with customers.  We aspire to be our customers Landscape Asset Manager and our Team Orange aspires every day to help solve and even avoid landscape problems. 

If you are a customer and have yet to return a survey, please do as we would love to get a survey from every customer. If you did not get a survey we are sorry to have missed sending you one and if you and we will send you a link.

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