During October we performed our annual customer satisfaction survey process. We have done this every year since founding our business 20 years ago as it is vital for us to know how we are doing and to get feedback on how we can continue to improve. 
As we have in the past 5 years, we have joined an industry group to compare our responses to other similar companies around the nation. A total of 15 companies participated in this survey process this year. We are proud to report that our overall survey marks were some of the best in the group with 98% of respondents were overall very satisfied or at least satisfied. 
One of the proudest details from our responses was the consistency of comments. 28% praised our people, 25% praised our response to requests, and 24% praised our overall customer service. Team Orange has a passion to serve and respond!
Although we performed well on most surveys, we do still know that we have room to improve as we also received some critical feedback. We use our overall scores to work on company initiatives and specific customer feedback to improve service to that specific customer or property. We always strive to get better.
Again, thank you to those who returned a survey. We greatly appreciate your feedback. For those who didn’t return one, please do in the future and if you have feedback despite, feel free to let us know at any time.
·        Because they are the most proactive, communicative and dedicated.
·        Their proactiveness in telling me when there are issues at the site; I know the job will get done; they have high quality outcomes
·        They do a great job, are very responsive when we have emergency needs and our account manager does a great job of communicating with us. They are flexible around our schedules and events.
·        The relationship that I have with the team and the honest communications
·        Good value for money.  Our lot is large with many trees, shrubs and flowers - it is a lot of work to keep it looking good.
·        The team is reliable; customer service is exceptional.
·        They are very proactive with their approach. They are very responsive to our needs.
·        Dependable service and the entire team is dedicated to their craft and being a partner with the best customer service in the industry.
·        I have always had a great response from them when needed, during business hours or after hours.
·        Because you're the best! Area Manager communication is excellent and PLM leadership is terrific at supporting their employees at every level.
·        Best option in the Portland market and proactive to respond to our needs.
·        Responsiveness and understanding of long-term strategy with both asset and client.
·        Top notch service. Great relationship and communication with/from account rep.
·        Quality service, good communication and clear understanding of work to be done
·        Overall work has been great and working relationship with site manager!
·        They provide quality service, have excellent communication, are proactive with recommended value add projects.
·        Our account manager has always been great to work with. They offer a variety of services and are excellent in their communication efforts.
·        They do a great job and I don't have to micro manage their team.
·        They provide top notch service, skillset and have established great relationships with our company, clients and properties.
·        They are the best landscape management company in Oregon. They have built a team that cares and respects their employees, their community and their customers. Pacific Landscape is simply the best.
·        Account manager is always available to discuss needs. Everything always looks nice. Service is quick. Staff are professional and branded well.
·        we have used Pacific Landscape for many years they do an excellent job taking care of our facility and have quick response to any problem
·        We previously used another landscape management company. We were not real satisfied with their overall performance. We contacted several companies, and went with Pacific as we felt they might be more than just a contractor. This proved to be true, from their area manager, to their staff onsite doing the work.
·        Because their team are the absolute best people to work with. They are patient, understanding, they ask the right questions, and they make the recommendations that make the most sense for the Community.
·        Pacific was chosen by myself due to the completeness of their proposal compared to others and every employee I meet is professional and very courteous.
·        Pacific Landscape is the most dependable and responsible landscaper I've worked with.
·        Long established relationship and consistently good service. Also, the winter services are a very valuable element that has encouraged us to stay with Pacific.
·        Great service and great team of people
·        The consistency and quality of services provided is the primary reason we use PLM.
·        Competitive pricing, prompt response times and pretty good quality of work.
·        Other providers have failed to proactively address our issues. Communication & follow through were lacking. PLM has been more proactive & more responsive.
·        An account this big and demanding requires a contractor who can continually deliver a high level product.
·        The folks that I interact with are friendly, professional and have creative ideas to address our concerns.
·        The maintenance crew does excellent work and in general everyone has been very responsive.
·        Easy to communicate with, and they let us know when upgrades are suggested, but understand if we can't always do them right away due to timing/budgets, etc.
·        Good working relationship with the team. PLM provides many services that satisfy our needs.
·        Maintenance crew is qualified, respectful and diligent, and the account manager is the best account manager that we have had.