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November 16

Pastor's Minute

I’m A Bible-Believing Christian?

There are a lot of folks (and churches) who are quite proud to profess that they are solidly

biblical both in what they believe and in the way they practice their faith. Yet when one hears what they have to say or watch how they act, you might be somewhat confused as to in what exactly they base their belief.

Back around the turn of the century, I came across a list of what some people claim was in Holy Scripture that actually wasn’t. Such things as:

  • "God helps those who help themselves"
  • "Hate the sin but love the sinner"
  • ‎"Let go and let God"
  • ‎"The kingdom of God is inside you"
  • ‎"Everything happens for a reason."
  • "Sex before marriage is a sin."
  • ‎"God needed another angel in heaven!"
  • “There was a donkey at the cradle of Jesus.”

A lot of times, we get a bit confused between dogma and da’ Bible. Dogma is a set principles or doctrines laid down as authoritative and true. To give these ideas or positions authority, people ascribe them as being “biblical,” that they are either straight out of the Holy Book or are clear interpretations of Scripture.

Humans being what we are (broken, torn between truth and what serves our other purposes) at times can take liberties with what the Word contains and twist it into something that buttresses our preferred positions. Like those above, they can either be relatively harmless (from a faith perspective) or rather hurtful and misleading. Sometimes, they can be downright wrong.

I came across this item this week. I thought I would share it with you.

Russell Moore, an Evangelical Christian and long-time leader in the Southern Baptist Convention, in an interview on NPR, said that “Multiple pastors tell me, essentially, the same story about quoting Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount – only to have someone come up afterward to ask, “Where did you get those liberal talking points?” Moore added that “What was alarming to me is that in most of these scenarios, when the pastor would say, ‘I’m literally quoting Jesus Christ,’ the response would be, ‘Yes, but that doesn’t work anymore. That’s too weak.’”

I hope that we never need to struggle with this here at GSLC. But each of us may have to speak to others in our neighborhoods, workplaces, polling places or even our families with the truth, the perhaps unpopular truth, that Jesus calls us to be humble, merciful, generous, and kind.

No doubt about it.


Pr. Mark

Thank you!

The Local and Global Outreach Ministry team would like to thank the Good Shepherd community for donating items to the celebration cake kits for ACTS. We delivered 64 kits to ACTS and they were greatly appreciated! Also a big thank you to all the Good Shepherd children who helped put the celebration cake kits together during the Congregational Meeting. Your enthusiasm was appreciated!


The season of Advent begins on Sunday, December 3rd. Daily devotionals are now available in the narthex.

For Adults

Moving Toward the Manger: Reflections on the Writings of Frederick Bechner

by Marine E. Marty

Each day’s devotion begins with a Bible verse, followed by a quotation from one of Frederick Bechner’s books.

Author Marine E. Marty then shares her reflections and presents a closing prayer.

Also available for $.99 on Kindle.

For Families

Journey to Joy: An Advent Devotional for Families

by Kate Wicker

Old and New Testament Bible verses encourage families to PONDER, PRAY and ACT as they joyfully prepare for Jesus’ birth.

For Seniors

(Large Print Edition)

A Season of Peace: Advent Devotions for Seniors

Various authors reflect on a Bible verse, offer a prayer and present suggestions for

additional Bible readings as well as ideas for sharing, remembering, considering and preparing.

For Commuters

Savior of the Nations, Come: Daily Prayers for Advent

by Mark Maynard

A daily Bible verse is followed by a prayer that turns eyes toward Jesus.

This small devotional easily fits in a purse or pocket.

Also available for $.99 on Kindle.

For Children

The Heaven & Nature Sing Advent sticker booklet and tabletop centerpiece will be given to children during Sunday School on November 19.

If your child is unable to attend Sunday School that day, please see Tracey Edwards for a copy.

Upcoming Events

Help needed on Saturday, November 18th, at 9:30am for a Mini-Work Day to get our Fellowship Hall cleaned up, cleaned out, and back into use. Pizza lunch for anyone who sticks around!! Bring vacuums, dusters, and dollies if you have them. We'll also be moving the coffee bar and donation center from the Narthex into the Fellowship Hall. Please let Ann Taylor know if you can help out.

Thanksgiving on a Sunday!

On November 19 th, we will observe a Day of Thanksgiving in worship at both 8:30 and 11 am services.

Our texts and liturgies will focus on the good things God has provided and how we can respond out of our gratitude.

Greening of the Church is November 26th

Greening of the Church will take place on November 26th after the late service at 12:30 PM. For the start of the Advent season, lots and lots of decorations are going up! If you would like to share your helping hands and participate in the decorating festivities, join us on the 26th after the late service. Decorations will be going up mainly in the Sanctuary and Narthex.

For any questions or to learn more about the Greening of the Church process, contact Christina Sporleder

Adult Bible Study:

A Beginner’s Guide to the Good News

Our next book for adult Bible Study will be an overview of the Gospel of Mark. The coming church year (beginning Dec 3rd ) is the lectionary year of Mark’s Gospel, meaning that most of our gospel readings on Sundays will be from Mark’s gospel.

This book by Jewish New Testament scholar and lecturer

Dr. Amy-Jill Levine will give us a good look at the shortest of the four New Testament gospels with an eye to the underlying “Jewishness” of Jesus and his times.

We will begin discussion of this book on December 3rd and

17 th, then again beginning on Jan 7 th through the end of the month.

It is available on or

ISBN 978-1-7910-2483-3

Pre School

Contact Deidre Howard to share your ministry event or special activity in our weekly updates. All inputs due by NOON on Wednesday.

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