Greetings from home,
This past week we celebrated my wife's birthday at home with a surprise car parade and matching homemade "party" masks. It was wonderful and totally weird. Friends gathered at a safe distance and we celebrated with carrot cake whoopie pies, confetti and tiny flags to wave at each other.
Some of you have asked what's happening with my business.The short answer is I'm open but not actively taking portraits. I will begin photographing clients as soon as the time is right but in the meantime I am available to create Memory Walls and Legacy Albums ( more about that on my blog ). I can work with photographs I've taken in the past as well as photos you've taken. Wall displays include framed prints, canvas gallery wraps or acrylic panels. Please inquire for more details.

Here is my top five list of things keeping me happily distracted:
CALL THE MIDWIFE - I'm a sucker for almost anything British. Call the Midwife is a delightful storyline of nurses, midwives and nuns who visit the expectant mothers of Poplar, providing the poorest women with care. Likable characters, interesting plots, and hopeful outcomes. You can find it on PBS and Netflix.
DREAMING - During this time of uncertainly I like to dream about new projects and future adventures. I am mentally designing my dream home, vacation, haircut, and I even started a YouTube channel called Sandra Costello TV! It will highlight photo shoots, testimonials, tips and tricks, and behind the scenes. Stay tuned!
AUDUBON BIRDS - Since the start of this pandemic I have been soothed and fascinated with the birds. I live down the road from a cemetery and try to get a walk in everyday. During my walk I see and hear all types of birds, which led me to download the Audubon App for birds . I'm curious, what's your favorite bird these days and why?
GARDENING - Normally I don't have the time (or make the time) for any kind of gardening because it's never really been my thing but that has changed over the last few weeks. We wanted to brighten up our front porch, mulch the front garden, and add some new plantings so we paid a visit to the Hadley Garden Center. I placed my order online and then picked it up at the shop. Fun Fact: most of the photography on their site was done by me!

Being outside while creating is so energizing. It also gave me a chance to get my daily dose of Vitamin D while also giving my home a little love.
& LEGACY ALBUMS - If there's anything this time of stillness has given me, it's a deeper gratitude for the simple things in life and the people I cherish. Almost daily, I've been pulling out old photos and immersing myself in memories, fortified by the shared stories that make up so much of who I am. I've become inspired to surround myself with these photos and am planning to fill the empty walls in my home with happy memories.
Are you ready to fill your empty walls with love? Give me a call: 413-427-1676. Until then, sending hugs!