December 2018 Newsletter
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Looking back at successes in 2018 – and trends for 2019
This month, we take stock of the LOCUS journey and think ahead towards local impact investing in 2019.
Our team has had a busy 2018 as we continued our mission to empower place-focused institutions around the country to explore impact investing; unlock assets by identifying investment areas and partners; and deploy their capital for catalytic change in their communities. Throughout the year, we saw interest grow rapidly as the world of philanthropy recognizes place-based impact investing as a tool for transformational community change, complementing its traditional grant-making role.
As interest in the impact investing field grows, we will continue putting our community development philanthropy and finance expertise to work helping foundations understand their critical role in economic prosperity and place-based impact investing. We will continue to help foundations identify investable opportunities and partners, mitigate their financial and social risks, amplify the social impact of their investments, and enhance operational efficiencies.
Here’s a quick look back at some of our efforts in 2018…and a look forward at the trends we see for 2019... –  Read More On Our Blog
The Future of Rural Texas: A Texas Tribune Symposium. LOCUS Senior Vice President Deb Markley attended a gathering focused on rural policy and practice in Texas, sponsored by the Texas Rural Funders Collaborative . Participants dove deep into thinking about current and future rural issues, including education, health care, resource conservation, and infrastructure investment.
Pictured: The event featured a conversation with Texas state legislators about their rural agenda in the 86th legislative session. Source: Texas Tribune
Opportunity Zones: Can Foundations Help Communities Get Ready? LOCUS Financial Strategist Adam Northup spoke on a webinar panel of regional philanthropy and community development professionals hosted by the Council on Foundations (CoF) . He shared how LOCUS and the field are thinking about opportunity zones and how place focused foundations can align their interests with the new tax provision. CoF members can view a recording of the webinar here . Questions about the talk and opportunity zones can be directed to Adam Northup .
Client Spotlight
Texas Rural Funders Collaborative (TRFC) , a group of private, health conversion and community foundations that care about rural Texas, will be working with LOCUS and our partner, Communities Unlimited, to identify ways to support work that “honors, preserves and strengthens rural life in Texas.” We will build on the education and research undertaken by TRFC and engage TRFC members and practitioners in identifying opportunities for action.
Financial Activists Leveraging Capital for Positive Change. LOCUS Solutions Consultant Travis Green participated in his first RSF Capital Intensive hosted by RSF Social Finance . The first of three in-person training intensives, Travis traveled to Pacines, CA to learn how to structure complex financial transactions and implement effective integrated capital strategies alongside experts in the field. – Learn More
BALLE Shift Capital Summit.  LOCUS Senior Vice President Deb Markley participated in a convening hosted by Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) . Participants gathered in Pacific Grove, CA, to strategize on how to accelerate the flow of financial and social capital to leaders doing critical groundwork across North America. See the summit agenda here .
Pictured: Day one of the summit. Source: BALLE
News From the Field
United Philanthropy Forum will host its December Public Policy Peer Community call, available to forum members, on December 11, 2018. During the call, LOCUS Financial Strategist Adam Northup will share information and answer questions about opportunity zones. – See More
The Kresge Foundation posted a blog article, " Mission, Money, and Markets: Back Office Lessons from the Impact Investing Front ," discussing the foundation's impact investing journey, including its need to develop an impact investing back office. Kresge outsources it's PRI portfolio management to LOCUS. –   Read More
Evergreen Cooperatives , a cooperative where workers share ownership and management decisions, announced the Fund for Employee Ownership , a fund designed to support conversion of businesses into cooperatives. – Read More
A new report from the Urban Institute , “ Measuring Community Needs, Capital Flows, and Capital Gaps ,“ provides a how-to guide for assessing community need, studying capital flows, and determining capital gaps. – Read More
Democracy Collaborative released a report, “ Community Control of Land and Housing ,“ highlighting Bon Secours Health Systems work drawing connections between housing and health and the pivotal role of anchor institutions in equitable economic development. – Read More
Council on Foundations published, “ Local Leadership, Global Impact: Community Foundations and the Sustainable Development Goals .” The report recommends ten steps community foundations can take to get started using Sustainable Development goals to improve their communities. – Read More
A few months ago, LOCUS presented at " Inclusive Economic Prosperity in the Midwest " a conference hosted by CoF . Twin Cities Business published an article reflecting on the event and how foundations should approach economic development. – Read More
ImpactAlpha posted an article outlining practical steps to better connect Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) and impact investing. The piece, by Nick Salter of Progressive Philanthropy Group , was a followup to an article in Inside Philanthropy . – Read More
Jed Emerson , Senior Fellow with ImpactAssets , released a new book " The Purpose of Capital: Elements of Impact, Financial Flows, and Natural Being. " The book examines investing using a historic and philosophical context as well as investors' understanding of the meaning of money. – Read an Excerpt
Campbell University posted its fourth in a series of blog posts summarizing the contributions of its Rural Philanthropic Analysis Project (RPA) . The post investigates foundation-supported programs that bolster leadership in rural areas. – Read More
Cornerstone Capital published a report, " Mobilizing Donor Advised Funds for Impact Investing ," that outlines how capital held in donor advised funds can be invested to further impact goals. – Read More
A report from  Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) , " Financing the Sustainable Development Goals: Impact Investing in Action ," collects five case studies that show how sustainable development goals can be woven into the investment cycle. –  Download the Report
Where You'll Find the LOCUS Team
Dec. 11 Webinar
Adam Northup is a speaker. (Forum Members Only)
Dec. 13 Richmond, VA
The LOCUS Team will participate. The event will be broadcast via live-stream. Check here for updates.
March 5 Brooklyn, NY
Teri Lovelace is a speaker.
March 10-14 Petaluma, CA
Travis Green will participate in his second Integrated Capital Institute Intensive. (Private Event)
April 29-May 1 Miami, FL
Teri Lovelace is a speaker.
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