Issue 612
December 2016
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How long did it take J.K. Rowling to write her first Harry Potter book?

A) 10 days
B) 1 year
C) 5 years
D) 10 years

WINNER: Joel Hoehn

Which of these ghosts did NOT visit Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?

A) Ghost of Christmas Past
B) Ghost of Christmas Present
C) Ghost of Christmas Ham
D) Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

Email the correct response to for your chance to win some SolidLine swag. Good luck!

The Crew Corner

What is your New Year's resolution?

John Courchane, Editor
To answer these questions quicker.

Tracy Granzyk, Managing Director, Healthcare
Write something every day!

Kortoney Gaff, Motion Graphics
To be more awesome than last year!

Rob Warren, Director of Photography
Drink fresh juice 5 times a week.

Allison Miller, Producer
To continue refusing to buy an adult coloring book and posting pictures of my coloring abilities on social media.

Michael Kromm, Director of Post Production
To purchase a Florida State visor.

Greg Vass, Executive Producer
My New Year's Resolution is to pursue my hobby and childhood passion of creating videos and finally try to make a career out of it.

AOA Shares Osteopathic Stories with SolidLine Produced Videos
SolidLine teamed up with the American Osteopathic Association to create a series of new story videos about AOA members, and we love how they turned out. Held in Anaheim, California this year, OMED is the AOA's annual conference that gives osteopathic healthcare professionals the opportunity to network with peers and colleagues, engage in mentoring sessions, and continue their education by attending breakout sessions. The videos we produced featured three different stories of osteopathic physicians and the many benefits that come along with attending OMED and being a member of the AOA. 

"It was an incredible experience working with SolidLine on the OMED video project," states AOA's Marketing Communications Manager Victoria Boadiwah. "SolidLine's attention to detail is amazing. They used different kinds of camera rigs and even a drone to capture the footage, which took our videos to the next level of storytelling and creativity."

Check out the three story videos we produced below!

OMED: A DO Homecoming
OMED: A DO Homecoming
OMED: Learning From My Peers
OMED: Learning From My Peers
OMED: Year After Year
OMED: Year After Year
SolidLine Produces Sepsis Awareness Video with MedStar Health

Patient Safety is MedStar Health's number one focus, and their journey to providing patients with the highest quality care is one in which SolidLine has had the pleasure of documenting. Recently, the SLM crew and MedStar Health worked together to tell the story of Cheryl & Paul Douglass, a married couple that experienced preventable medical harm when Cheryl contracted Sepsis. Her symptoms went undiagnosed until the infection had spread throughout her body, but luckily she survived and is able to tell her story to increase awareness throughout the medical community. Take a look at the video below to hear the couple's important message and story of survival.

"Sepsis Awareness is a key patient safety effort at MedStar Health, and we've learned how important our stories are to convey the type of learning people remember," states Tracy Granzyk. "Paul & Cheryl Douglass share a story of not only surviving sepsis but also one of resilience and an example of how strong the human spirit can be when tested."

SLM Christmas Tree Named 'Tree of the Year'

"Christmas comes only once a year." That is the motto SolidLine's crew had resonating in their minds when they recently decided to make a very small investment into their Christmas tree. What once looked like a poorly-lit, dinky mulberry bush now shines proud and bright standing at a whopping 21 inches tall and with a string of 25 brand new LED multi-colored lights!!!  Neighbors surrounding SolidLine's building have called with admiration at the upgrade, and many downtown commuters find their way up to SLM's front door to take photos with the nearly two foot tree . And now the tree has officially been named 'SolidLine Christmas Tree of the Year' by SolidLine crew. 

A teary-eyed Director of Post-Production and SolidLine Christmas Tree Manager, Michael Kromm, gave his input on the newly-lit tree: "It's a Christmas miracle to be recognized with such an honor by our very own crew. What a dream! I can't thank Amazon Prime enough for having the lights in stock. Thank you!"