Capitol Buzz
June 17, 2021
Joint Finance Committee Completes Action on 2021-2023 State Budget  

Earlier this evening, the Joint Finance Committee concluded its work on the 2021-2023 biennial budget by passing several budget motions, including motion 117, which included the following provisions impacting municipalities:

  • A $5 million annual increase in the Video Services Provider Fee Payment to fund the program at just over $10 million annually which is sufficient to pay the estimated increase in the fee payments owed to municipalities, and
  • The provision of just over $202 million in the Committee's supplemental account to hold municipalities harmless for when the Legislature passes separate legislation later this session repealing the personal property tax on businesses, if the Governor signs the bill.

Not unexpectedly, the committee took no action on the following municipal priorities:

  • No increase or decrease in funding for the County and Municipal Aid program (shared revenue).
  • No Increase or decrease in funding for the Payments for Municipal Services program.
  • No increase or decrease in funding for the Expenditure Restraint Program.
  • No changes to levy limits.

Thank you to all of the municipal officials who advocated on behalf of their city or village on shared revenue funding and other state budget issues affecting municipalities.

By the end of June, the Assembly and Senate will take action on the version of the state budget recommended by the JFC. The Governor will then be presented with the Republican led Legislature's state budget. He must decide whether to veto the entire bill or sign it into law after using his line item veto powers to modify it more to his liking.