A Note from Scott and Marsha
December 10, 2020
We know this finds all of you counting down the days to Christmas. We have moved past Christmas and counting down the days to the end of the year. Who's with us on that?  

This week, I was sitting at my desk listening to random chattering and rustling of paper. This is what I found. Angela and AmberLeigh, the Christmas elves, were hard at work.  

Look at all these presents!! Angela is our Lawn Maintenance Administrative Assistant and AmberLeigh is our Landscape Administrative Assistant. They were wrapping presents for all our lawn maintenance clients! The rest of the little elves have been delivering them all week long while on their maintenance routes.  

Why? Because we love our clients and you make our jobs fun. I hear Angela and AmberLeigh frequently on the phone with our clients. The one thing you can depend on from them both is their calm spirits. Well, there are many things you can depend on from both of them when I think about it.  They both are excellent listeners and they care. They desire for everyone to enjoy the services we provide. When someone isn't happy, then no one is happy!  

We have been privileged to work with them. They make the office atmosphere so much fun. With their servant hearts, they put up with all the antics from pranks to complaints to laughing and crying. When one cries, we all cry at FGS! We love these ladies and can't imagine doing any of this without them.  

As you make the mad rush to finish shopping, don't miss out all the green living things we have for you here. And don't forget all the beautiful pottery we have to put those living things in. Houseplants are trending, y'all! Hope to see you soon so we can wish you a beautiful holiday season in person! 
Tillandsia is an excellent choice for plant lovers due to its versatility and uniqueness. Also known as air plants, Tillandsia does need more than air to survive, but they do not have to be planted in soil. This makes them the perfect little plant to place in a globe and hang on your Christmas tree as a living ornament. We also have the cutest Tillandsia magnets you can use on your fridge or wherever you need a living magnet! Because let's face it. We all need this. :)
Christmas Jewel Holly is a beautiful evergreen shrub that will grow naturally into a conical shape without pruning! As its name suggests, you will enjoy bright, red berries, making it a lovely plant to have around the holidays. We love that hollies are easy to care for and do very well in our area. Plant Christmas Jewel Hollies in part-shade to full sun. They are best used as anchor plants, additional screening and mass plantings.
If you have ever walked into the Garden Center and wondered what that delightful smell is...it is most likely our selection of soaps! Our soaps are locally made at Greenwich Bay Trading company in Raleigh. These French-milled vegetable soaps and other luxury body products would make an excellent gift or stocking stuffer. Choose from bar soaps, hand soaps, lotions, lip balms, body scrubs and more!
If you are thinking now is not the right time to plant, think again!
You can plant year-round with success in our area.
If you liked the idea of Tillandsia, but are not sure how to best care for them, read this blog post. We share best care practices that should help you keep your Tillandsia healthy and happy.

We often hear the question, "What houseplants do best in low light?" We have the answer! There are, in fact, quite a few houseplants that will still thrive in medium to low light. To see the list and our suggestions, read this post.
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