Bite-Size Blog #46 -- J. Morris Hicks

Sustainability -- The "Hicks Fix" List of Six

         J. Morris Hicks
Our planet Earth has been experiencing highly disturbing ecological trends for the past 100 years. As the industrial revolution gained momentum, we simultaneously began the rapid and deadly shift toward eating various forms of animal-based foods three meals a day. 

And it's that dietary shift that is causing the most ecological damage. Fortunately, reversing that dietary trend toward eating mostly plants is much easier and can be done much faster than trying to address things like overpopulation, over-consumption and/or our reckless burning of fossil fuels.

So how do we do that? For years, I have been saying that the most expeditious way that we could influence a dietary shift would be a massive, never-ending global awareness campaign--financed and led by well-known, super-wealthy individuals. Last week, I thought of FIVE other ways and have listed the complete list of "six from Hicks" below. 

In a nutshell, we are in desperate need of global awareness--and will take it any way we can get it. 

Any of these actions would generate enough global PR to jump-start the process of moving away from our highly destructive and grossly unsustainable habit of eating animals:  

Just One of these actions could do the trick
  1. Global awareness campaign (mentioned above) promoting the plethora of environmental and health benefits of eating a plant-based diet.
  2. The Biden "Moonshot Cancer" initiative answers one of my six 2016 letters and then embraces and publicizes the voluminous science behind cancer's favorite food--animal protein.
  3. Just one of the Top 100 on Modern Healthcare's annual list finally recognizes and starts urgently promoting the proven power of whole, plant-based foods to prevent and/or reverse chronic disease.  
  4. Just one major lawsuit is brought against Cornell University for the academic freedom breaches suffered by nutritional science professor, T. Colin Campbell, PhD.
  5. Just one major news organization begins to prominently report the vast superiority of plant-based eating relative to the health of humans AND the ecosystem that supports us.
  6. Just one Fortune 100 corporate CEO begins to leverage the power of plant-based eating to lower the cost of healthcare in their organization by hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

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