April 2019
Need Chillers?
The "I NEED IT NOW" Chiller from Quantech

The warm-weather months are upon us, and chillers are a hot topic of conversation! When air conditioning upgrades or replacements are needed, there's no time to spare when it comes to keeping buildings comfortable and cool for occupants.

The QTC2, QTC3, and QTC4 from Quantech by JCI are available in several models. Learn more about the company, and view the product brochure for additional details.

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View information on the QTC2, QTC3, and QTC4 Air-Cooled Stock Chiller models in the PDF link below.
Featured: QTC3 Efficiency & Annual Energy Cost
Source: http://www.quantech-hvac.com/
QTC3 Details:
The Quantech QTC3 offers full load and part load efficiencies that meet or exceed ASHRAE 90.1-2013 and operates at ambient temperatures up to 125°F and down to 0°F.

  • Delivered from stock in two to five business days.
  • 22-47% annual energy cost savings.
  • Sturdy, corrosion-resistant condenser coils that are easily washable.
  • Simple replacement of condenser coil if damaged.
  • Compact, factory-packaged chilled water pumps.
  • Green refrigerant and low charge to help earn a point for LEED E&A Credit 4.
  • Native communication protocols to reduce installation cost and commissioning time.

Note: See Quantech Air-Cooled Stock Chillers Brochure for details on the QTC3 stock units and available options.
About Quantech

Quantech, by Johnson Controls Inc., chillers offer up to 50 percent annual energy cost savings compared with the replaced chillers, have a low lifecycle cost, meet or exceed ASHRAE standards, and help earn LEED credit with a low refrigerant charge. Learn more and watch the company video on the Quantech manufacturer page on the TBCo website.
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